Thursday, October 19, 2006

Training Time Again

As promised I am on my way to another 26.2...Vegas baby! I am about half-way through my training as of last Saturday and I am planning on running 20 miles this Sunday. So far things are great, except for the fact that work is so crazy that I can't seem to run with Debbie but one day a week.

So far my training runs consist of a Long Run, Recovery Run, Pace Run, and a Speed Workout. I have been trying to lift 2 days a week. This week of course I haven't been able to squeeze everthing in, I will only get to lift 1 day and I haven't had a chance to do any sit-ups and push ups. We have Maple Leaf (parade) this weekend and I am attempting to finish a project that has gotten a little more involved than originally planned.

I wasn't really following my eating plan until 2 weeks ago when I stepped on the scale and saw I weighed more than I have in more than 5 years. It seems that I have to record everything I eat to make sure I don't eat a ton of sugar and junk food. I have found that once I start eating I have this belief that I have ruined that day and so I just continue to each junk the rest of that day. Things are getting better. I give myself one day a week to eat anything I want which this week will be the parade day, yum!

So hopefully I will get to make an entry every week. Wish me luck!