Saturday, February 28, 2009

Cold, Cold Go Away...Come Back Next Year

Two weekends in a row I have had to run with windchill's in the teens. This is getting ridiculous; Mother Nature here in the Mid-West obviously needs some Prozac to tame her bi-polar tendencies.

Last Saturday it was cloudy, cold, and windy with a route that had the wind at my back, face, and both sides with the windchill somewhere around 16 degrees. I ran with Don's running group in KC which is awesome since you have instant friends to talk to, they have pace groups that fit everyones needs with pacers, and they have water stops every 2 miles. I got to know my new running friend Jenn a bit better and even found a girl named Jennifer that is interested in Adventure Racing. It's fun to meet crazy people that also like to go out and run 18 miles on a Saturday morning and don't see anything wrong with that.

This Saturday brought cloudy, cold, windy, and snowy conditions and a lovely windchill of somewhere between 12-14 degrees. This all wouldn't be so bad if the weather would be like that during the week, but no, this past Wednesday, Chanti and I were running in a tank top and shorts at 5pm. The weeks seem to bring above average temps and the weekends are COLD.

Today we logged 20 miles on a mildly hilly course that she picked out specifically for the wind to be at our backs (and it was). Don't know if we could have made it having to go face into the wind so I guess I owe her BIG....Thanks friend. Also have to thank our sag vehicle for the water stop and picking us up. Do have one major complaint; who ever owns the 4 large dogs that attacked us on CR 90. Seriously, couldn't you do something about them.

Next week, we are running the Run With the Wind Race from Sarcoxie to Carthage (or the opposite, depending on the wind). Today's run was a good preview since part of our route was on the same roads.
FYI...also picked up my new shoes this week in Springfield, MO at a new running store that will do a running analysis for you for free if you are buying shoes. They ask a bunch of questions about running habits and injuries, they video tape you running barefoot, and then watch it in slow motion. After they tell you what kind of runner you are and what should might work best for you. Of course the Asics Gel Nimbus 10 is the shoe for me and they agreed. Did try a Sacouny that was very comfy but can't switch up shoes mid stream.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

10 Weeks to Go

Followed up my recovery week last week with a good dose of longer runs. Ended up running 10 by myself last Sat. and then took 2 days off. Work was crazy on Monday do didn't have time to fit anything in. Debbie is back to running after nursing an injury for 2 months so put in a few miles with her and Spot on Tuesday (5). Then Chanti, Spot, and I put in 8 miles on Wednesday at a pretty good pace. Not sure but think somewhere between 9's and 9:30's. Thursday was another run with Debbie and Spot (6 miles). Thursday was awesome weather; got to wear t-shirt and shorts ;-)

And for our long run (16 miles) Chanti and I circled town a couple of times. Made a stop at the Y, at Chanti's, our house, and last stop at Chanti's.

Used my iPhone as GPS with Fitnio app and the distance was .87 off from Chanti's Garmin. Sure the Garmin was correct. This was spots last run before going home and she stayed with us for 8 miles.

Legs feel pretty good for 35 total miles. They ached pretty bad late yesterday after the 16 but that is to be expected. Feet are holding up well...only 2 blisters under caluses.

This week's goals:
  • Goal 1 - Really want to try to get mid-week long run in at race pace but going to have to pay attention to my pace a bit better.
  • Goal 2 - Running 18 with Don's running group on Sat. before the Pub Crawl. Hoping to stick it out with the 9:30's. We will see if I can stick with them. Hoping they stop at every water stop for a breather.
  • Goal 3 - Eat better....more protein and veggies
  • Goal 4 - Stretch often especially before and after runs
  • Goal 5 - Not to fall asleep before 10pm on Sat. night
Hoping for sunny days and warmer weather but who knows with the mid-west weather.

Run on...

"I Kinda Want a Dog"

"I Kinda Want a Dog": My words exactly to Michael after spending the week with my dad's dog, Spot. So you're probably wondering how wanting a dog has anything to do with it is.....

For my last 5 runs I was never alone. Each day Spot was at my side (the left side that is) listening to me and keeping me going. Every run was so much fun all because I had a new running partner, Spot the dog. Don't get me wrong...I would never give up Chanti or Debbie! But man it was a fun week.

For years, every time I have passed someone running with (or even walking) a dog, I would secretly wish I had one of my own; not so they could pull me and do part of the work, but more so I would have a constant companion (hate being alone). I have even tried; Teeny, my mom's Chihuahua, will run a block or so with me but she doesn't actually run, it is more of a stop and go and stop and go to sniff and pee on everything along the route. And really, Teeny is a Chihuahua, how far could should really run before her tiny little heart gave out. But I finally found a dog that would run and could run for a long time....Spot!

The question to I go back to the way it was because really, getting a dog is not probably the best thing for me to do. With all the traveling Michael and I do that poor dog would have to stay with someone else, or by itself, or go to a kennel and I just can't do that. So I guess I will have to dog-sit more often or find a neighborhood dog to borrow. The "Griswald's" across the street do have a yellow lab that does look a little interested ;-)

Spots Running Log:
Sat. 4.5 miles
Tues. 5 miles
Wed. 8 miles
Thurs. 6 miles
Sat. 8 miles

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Forgot to announce....

This just in....well 4 weeks ago just in. The next marathon on my calendar is officially the 9th Annual Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon on April 26 which is 81 days, 9 hours, 7 minutes, and 45 seconds from now. I am 4 weeks in and my long runs are already up to 15 miles as of last Saturday. My legs are feeling pretty good but I am very happy this week is our first off week. The weather has been holding pretty well and we have only had to do one 13 mile long run on the treadmill. My hope it that it was the last.

My biggest apologize again; I have not been keeping up with my running blogging and really need to make it a bit more of a priority so it starts today...I promise to blog about running and my Journey to 26.2 at least once a week.

What makes a good run?

Today as I was running on a beautiful sunny, very cold, and windy day, freezing my ass off but still having a pretty good run....I started to question "what really makes a good run?"

It seems to me that many people judge their best runs by: how fast they run, how good their legs feel, how good their lungs feel, how well they pace themselves, how many miles they run, how many people they pass, or how high or low they kept their heart rate.

But for me it is quite different. Some days it is as easy as keeping a good pace while still being able to talk non-stop, other days it is all about the distance I can cover, on some warm weather days its about seeing lots of bunnies, and I have even had fun on a run counting cigarette butts in the gutter...but today my criteria for success was getting waves from over half the people I passed on the road (in cars and on foot).

Well maybe they didn't really wave but they acknowledge my existence with all sorts of gestures that I wish to call waves. As I progressed it really became an experiment into determining what really counts as a wave and which were the best? Here are my top 10 favorite gestures of friendliness from today's awesome run:

10. The hand on the wheel, I can at least wave a finger wave
9. The passing honk - this is the audible wave from those that did not wave quick enough but want to let you know they noticed.
8. The head nod - maybe known as the headwave now
7. The one hand up wave
6. The passenger wave
5. The sideways peace sign wave that I imagine tells me to "Keep it up!"
4. The elbow, elbow, wrist, wrist wave or at least hand shaking back and forth wave.
3. The wave and smile from someone you know that says "Hey Brooke, how are you? Doing great" wave
2. The driver and passenger wave with smile

and my #1 favorite gestures of friendliness from today's awesome run

1. The stranger free hand wave and being able to read their lips as they say "Hi"

Here is what I learned about the non-wavers: many were on the phone, smoking, or driving on a busier road, and the really annoying non-wavers either try to ignore you are just rude!!!