Monday, May 5, 2014

2013 Running Mileage

At least we aren't halfway through 2014 yet :) I have had this image sitting on my desktop since January 2 and I am finally getting around to posting it. Nothing like checking a task off my to-do list that has been there for 4 months.

2013 was a great year for running for me. I checked a HUGE bucket list item off by participating in an Ultra-Marathon. It also helped me meet one of my Top 10 things to do by 40. I know....I am 41 now but I did this when I was 40.

For those that aren't familiar with that ULTRA is anything more than 26.2 miles. There are some key distances that most Ultra's gravitate around (30, 50, 100 milers) but mine was 44 miles. Six running friends (Brooke, Tralaine, Stacy, Allison, Sarah, Sonya) committed to run the Brew-to-Brew run and all of us made it to the finish line.

I am very proud of the accomplishment and grateful that my body held up to all of the training miles but even more grateful for my AWESOME husband for putting up with my long-long Saturday morning runs, my long Sunday morning runs, and for helping with all the ice-baths. And, of course, I owe a ton of the credit to my running friends that got me through all of those training miles and race miles. Gotta give it up to Tralaine, Chanti, Allison, Kiley, Leanna, Allison, Don, Brady, Robert, Darren, Stacy, Klista, and I am sure a few more.