Friday, November 19, 2010

Photo Opps - Birthdays To Come

Now that Michael and I are raising a youngin' it's probably time we started thinking about how we are going to document his life. There are many photo opps' that I miss but thanks to Willette Designs blog I will know all the great shots to get at upcoming Birthday parties from the Birthday Party Photographer post where she gives a "must have" shot list for each B-day to come. From a the obvious picture of Greyson blowing out the cake to close ups of gift tags with names on it I will surely get some pictures to share and scrap.
Sure glad I didn't miss this pic. One thing we have figured out is that we need a new camera. The point and shoot one we have now doesn't seem to want to focus when we need it to and seems to need a flash for everything. Don't think it will fix all my photography issues but it has to be a start. Feel like I have heard myself say that before and haven't fixed the issue yet :)

Monday, November 15, 2010

10/10/10 - Mother Road 1/2 Marathon

Has it been a month already...where did the time go. I guess no excuses: time get down to telling how the Mother Road 1/2 Marathon went.

We started in Baxter Springs, KS and headed through to Riverton and Galena, KS before getting onto the 4 lane heading into Joplin, MO. The best part of the day was that I did finish in 1:59:14 thanks to my friend Don. He paced me out at 9 minute miles giving me enough breathing room to stop for a potty break somewhere around mile 9. He kept telling me we were doing great and to just keep it up. He led me up hills and talked me through the last few challenging miles. I owe Don this finish for sure. But what made the day perfect was seeing Michael and Greyson (in his new running shoes) at the finish.

The race course was ok - although it followed a historic road (Route 66) the scenery was not great, especially in Missouri. We always had a lane of traffic and all intersections were well manned by law enforcement. I would give the volunteers from beginning to end a big thumbs up. They unfortunately didn't have paper cups which presented some challenges in drinking and running. The amount of porta-potties at the start was sad (long line when the gun went off). Good thing I stopped at a convenience store on the way. It was not as flat and fast as the race directors promised and it was a warm day. Mile makers were spot on but the finish line was not in a good location for spectators which made it challenging to watch for friends finishing (especially with a stroller).

Being that this was my first race back from having Greyson my big goal was "to finish". I am big on setting goals for every race but the one thing I learned from this race, don't train just "to finish" and then 2 weeks before the race decide you are going to run 9 minute miles on race day. At least I know I didn't "leave any in the tank".

Now - what's next???

Run On!