Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Getting Ready Again

Have the Brew-to-Brew Relay in a couple of weeks. I am planning on running 22 miles (half of the relay). I registered our 2 teams Monday and everyone is getting excited. With the relay being 44 miles total from the Boulevard Brew Company in KC to the Free State Brew Company in Lawrence we should have a great time together. Last year we weren't a drinking team...I wonder if we will be this year. I know were are packing a cooler but think it might be full of G2 and snacks.

My other race for the near future is the Ozark Greenway's Adventure Race May 31. The location has changed to Richland just past Lebanon which seems to be hillier but who knows. The camping location seems nice and not so primitive and has RV hook-ups so Dad and Beck plan on brining the new RV. There are cabins available and Chanti and Don are checking that out.