Wednesday, November 28, 2007

3 Days 'til Race Day

So maybe going snow skiing the weekend before a race wasn't the best idea. Not only did I not get in my 12 mile run but had to run 8 miles in thin air on a treadmill. Probably tired my legs out skiing down some sub-par runs since they haven't had enough snow yet and almost injured myself by a kid running into me and bruising my shins and calves wearing ski boots....but boy was it fun to be back on the slopes. It has been at least 3 years since Michael and I have gone skiing and today I think it was worth it; but better check back with me on Saturday afternoon.

Have run my last 2 runs of the week and am now trying not to psych myself out too much before the 26.2. Noticing lots of aches and pains and shortness of breath but know all will be good on Saturday morning at 8am. Right now low temp is supposed to be 43 and a high of 60. Hoping for a flat course with no wind. Keep your fingers crossed..... SUB 4 I hope.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

How Could I Forget???

How did I ever forget to tell you that I RAN 23 MILES on Saturday! Woohoo...what a great feeling to be done with that run. Can't explain how wonderful I feel to have that one checked off. Finished in 3 hr. 54 min. which is, of course, slower than I can run on the actual race but no worries cause I have no injuries. Wish I could say that for everyone.

Don came down so he would have others to run with and was only able to make about 6 miles before his IT band started hurting so bad he couldn't go on. Hope he plans on taking some more time off to heal and come back and be able to run the whole thing.

So we started off Friday night with dinner at our house followed by a couple rounds of True Colors. Started running at 8am and after a few stops for bathroom breaks, drinks, and snacks pulled through with Robert pushing me on. Debbie ran with the girls who offered to ride their bikes to keep her company. Little party afterwards with Bellini's, brunch, and just doesn't get any better than that.

15 miles coming on Saturday :-)

Sunday, November 4, 2007

I Can Smell It

The race is getting so close I can smell it...yesterday was our 18 miler leading up to next weeks 23 miles; our longest run. The schedule only calls for a 22, but it is a mind thing. I have this little belief that you can always run a 5K so that would mean that when I get to 23 miles I only have a 5K left and you can always run a 5K right :-)

So back to yesterday...had a run better than ever; did some slow stuff and did some fast stuff and think it might be still possible to get a sub 4 marathon time (barring no injuries between now and then). Ran with Debbie some, Robert some, and by myself some and felt pretty good. Took a couple of short breaks; maybe 10 minutes worth total that I can't take on the race, but might walk through. But the best thing ever about yesterday was the face that Tralaine pointed out we will all probably run together: Angie, her, Robert, me, and Don....keeping my fingers crossed; that would be awesome...the more people to talk to the better:-P

I have been eating a little better but not great. Need more protein I'm sure. Need to be drinking more water; like 3 more bottles a day, but it is hard getting water down when the weather is getting cooler. Did my sit ups/push ups 2 times this week. Will shoot for 4 times next week. Only have one night of training in Joplin so shouldn't be too bad of a week. Plan to run 4-6 Monday (recovery), 10 Tuesday (tempo), 6 Thursday (intervals), and 23 Saturday...wish me luck.