Thursday, August 30, 2012

Randomness: towers and chicks (2 kinds)

Just a couple of things I thought I would share...

Greyson LOVE building tall towers with his "Yegos" (you know, Legos) especially if he needs to climb on the chair to help make them taller.

Greyson and Mira are getting to be good friends. He likes to go see her and I can coax him into the stroller with a promise that we are going to see Chanti and Mira. This was them watching the iGuy (iPad) together on the sofa. He even put his arm around her with his hand on her shoulder and was so sweet.

We recently went to a county fair. Of course we visited the petting zoo. They had a ton of baby chicks and he wanted to pick one up himself. Have to say that I was a bit nervous he might squeeze one a bit too hard but all 3 were returned safe and sound.


P365+1: Days 235-241

241 - 8/28/12: You gotta have a friend to make this fun...good thing we asked Mira to go with us.

240 - 8/27/12: Don't think he even realized what was going on with his hair.

239 - 8/26/12: 1st night in the "Big Boy Bed" was a success as were the 2 nights after. He loves it.

238 - 8/25/12: Waiting for our lunch at Suzy Q's - Corn Dog and Fries. I couldn't pass up this sweet pick. Notice Michael is kissing G's cheek. :)

237 - 8/24/12: Note to self: this butterscotch dip cone was not a great idea the day before  a long run.

236 - 8/23/12: He has to "help" with everything now days.

235 - 8/22/12: Levitating a car is hysterical if you didn't know.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

P365+1: Days 228-234

234 - 8/21/12: We had to go to the neighbors with his bike so he could eat his apple on their bench before riding his bike.

233 - 8/20/12: My new camera strap.

232 - 8/19/12: Always the helper.

231 - 8/18/12: Guess where we had lunch today.

230 - 8/17/12: Do you think this will get rid of the moles.

229 - 8/16/12: Testing out the new ride....a Strider balance bike.

228 - 8/15/12: Why yes, he is licking the window and I have no idea why :)

Monday, August 27, 2012

P365+1: Days 221-227

227 - 8/14/12: Mommy's fire station.

226 - 8/13/12: Ready to get his drain tube out. He did great with almost no tears.

225 - 8/12/12: Silly faces with new Picture Frames App.

224 - 8/11/12: Another round of Jeni's before leaving town...this time Goat Cheese w/Red Cherries and Brown Butter Almond Brittle. Can't wait for the next trip to Columbus.

223 - 8/10/12: Jeni's Splendid Ice Cream - I had a scoop of Sweet Corn and Blackberry and a scoop of Salted Caramel.

222 - 8/9/12: Taking off for Columbus.

221 - 8/8/12: My new 360 App.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

P365+1: Days 214-220

220 - 8/7/12: An eBay find for G's room.

219 - 8/6/12: Did you know how entertaining a trash truck can be?

218 - 8/5/12: Bubbles in the BIG bathtub.

217 - 8/4/12: You have to be kidding me...again???

216 - 8/3/12: Greyson and Michael are building towers daily.

215 - 8/2/12: Dinner with Carson and Hadley.

214 - 8/1/12: Painting with a paint brush for the first time. He seems like it better than finger painting.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

P365+1: Days 206-213

213 - 7/31/12: Love that sweet smile. Think this shot may need to be blown up.

212 - 7/30/12: Finally finished the 2nd B-day book (had a coupon for free 8x8 from Shutterfly - LOVE THEM)

211 - 7/29/12: 4 Wheeler modifications.

210 - 7/28/12: Cool wall of kids are on the Bentonville, AR square.

209 - 7/27/12: Koi pond in Carthage, MO.

208 - 7/26/12: Super G is back.

207 - 7/25/12: To dream :) Sent this pic to Michael and he said to find it.

206 - 7/24/12: Love friends that invite us over for steaks. Clouds meat = best filets.

Friday, August 17, 2012

NCH Marathon Fundraiser - Team Greyson

Hey sister Tralaine Benefiel, BIL Andy Benefiel, and I are running the Nationwide Children's Hospital Columbus Marathon in Columbus, OH. Between now and race day (Oct. 21) we are trying to raise money as part of Team Plastics. All the money we raise will go to the Plastic Surgery Department at NCH.

Click the link below to learn more about how to support the Nationwide Children's Hospital Foundation. The funds raised will go toward programs and services provided by the hospital that benefit the children of many communities just as it has benefited Greyson. 
Thanks in advance for anything you can give.
Run On!

Group Shot - my favorite new app

Greyson never stops moving and never waits for my camera to take a picture so trying to get a picture with all of us looking our best is close to impossible until now. A few weeks ago I found Group Shot (an App found in the iTunes store) and it has saved us.

It is very simple to use. First open the app and pick the photos you want to blend together. Sometimes I pick the one with the most potential. Then I swipe over the portion of the picture I want to replace and find the picture on the right that I want to replace it with and select it. Then the magic happens and all you have to do is save it back to your library. To be able to do this the key is... you have to remember to take 2 or 3 shots of the same picture to get it to work. See my example below and I think you will see why.
Pic#1 - Cute but I am looking at G.
Pic#2 - Cute wave but we can't see G's face.
Here is what GroupShot ($.99) did for us - now we are both looking and smiling at the camera.
Then I ran it through Instagram (free) another favorite App.
And finally added a "tape" tag to remember the occasion using Label Box ($.99)

A New Bike for G: Strider

We chose to get Greyson a balance bike to get him started. The idea is that he isn't ready for pedals yet but he can work on learning the other skills needed to ride a bike (steering & balance) so he might as well give it a go. He LOVES it and his new watermelon helmet.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

P365+1: Days 199-205

205 - 7/23/12: Digging in the mole hills provided more than 20 minutes entertainment.

204 - 7/22/12: Cheese

203 - 7/21/12: Watching daddy - check out the mirror.

202 - 7/20/12: Swimming with my boyz.

201 - 7/19/12: 21st century kids

200 - 7/18/12: "new gesk" thanks to Carmen from work.

199 - 7/17/12: Another Columbia tradition - Shakespeare's Pizza