Tuesday, June 26, 2007

On the Treadmill Again

As apposed to "On the Road Again" which is where I wish I was this morning. Why is it that when I visit a new city it is so difficult to run outside? People told me not to venture out by myself here in Atlanta so all I am left with is the dreaded TREADMILL...ahhhh...too boring even with an iPod and TV!

Got up extra early to be the first to the fitness center in hopes there was a machine for me and to ensure the remote control would be in my power. Successful in both :-)

Ran 6 miles in just under 10 min. miles. Started at 6am; not too fast but felt strong. It's amazing how good I feel when I haven't over eaten. Over the last month, I have had lots of bad runs due to poor eating and eating too close to running. I did end up getting very bad heartburn today which wasn't good but at least it was after running. I can't wait to be back home where I can plan meals and really keep track of it all.....right now I feel bigger than ever :-( and that affects my eating habits in a bad way. Don't know why..but once I have "ruined" a day I really "ruin" the day.

Need to seriously get going on this training (and not just running)...with an adventure race in Sept. and a marathon in Dec. the pressure will soon be getting heavy. Weakness will not be ok, need to start lifting 2 times a week, running 4 days a week, and bike at least 2 days with some trails worked in. Will also get back to sit-ups/push-ups 4 days a week. Guess this is a commitment since it seems to be in writing.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Monday Miles

4 miles (Asics) on hotel treadmill as well as at least 3 miles of walking to, at, and from the conference with laptop backpack on my back. Treadmill miles at 9:20 pace (out & back) at 6am.

In Atlanta at NECC. First trip here and have really only seen the conference center and hotel. Will hopefully get to the Atlanta Aquarium tomorrow and The Underground on Wednesday. Staying at The Glenn Hotel...beautiful posh hotel with an unbelievable suite (got an upgrade because room was not finished on time. Lucky me :-)

Oh Yeah...Finished Vegas

Way back in October of 2006, I said I was preparing for the Vegas Marathon...and yes, I did get there! Had my best time yet: 4:18 and felt great. We had 6 marathoners (Andy, Tralaine, Angie, Roberts, Myself, and Debbie) and 2 half marathoners (Jonas & Jon); it was a blast. Not the best supported race I have been a part of; great t-shirt and even better medal, first 5 miles down the strip, and fireworks and The Blue Man Group at the start... BUT (and it's a big one) when I, and all but one of my friends crossed the finish line there was only a bottle of water....NO FOOD or DRINKS (but more bathrooms than could ever be used). We did get a letter from the race director, not apologizing, but telling us why it was so much better than the year before and how much better it will be next year. Sorry to say; we won't be going back.

In April, had a PR at the Oklahoma Memorial 1/2 Marathon at
1:52...that's an 8:45 min. mile average. Don't know how I did that (with a stomach cramp the whole time too). Great Marathon and Half Marathon...I would suggest it to anyone wanting to do a fairly flat, early April run. Awesome support, even had a real bathroom to use at the start thanks to one of the local churches. Ran in the memory of a victim of the of the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City bombing and it really put my little challenges in life into perspective.

It's Been a While

When I started this blog the intention was to add to it on a regular basis if not for others at least for myself. Guess it didn't work that way since I seem to have taken a big break....but I promise...I will do better this time.

This is my place to record thoughts, feelings, and reflections while preparing & running marathons. I hope this will help hold me responsible for completing all my training runs; as well as eating right and making healthy choices. Let's hope it turns into that this time.