Thursday, May 24, 2012

1st Knitting Project Finished

Thanks to my friends Allison and Kylie I have done it...officially checked an item off my bucket list...I have learned to knit and have actually made "something"!!!

While it is small and it's not the only thing I have knitted it is DONE and right now that is what counts. I had dreamed of making many of these and giving them as gifts but who knows if time will allow. For now I will enjoy my accomplishment.


Tuesday, May 22, 2012

P365+1: Days 134-138

138 - 5/17/12: Backyard Golfing - love how he pulls his golf bag out into the grass and then throws the balls and clubs on the ground to play.

137 - 5/16/12: Greyson has a little obsession with BUSES! This one sits at the Y and when we ask him where he wants to ride the bikes he always says "Bus!"

136 - 5/15/12: 

135 - 5/14/12: Someday I will win :)

134 - 5/13/12: Riding on his own.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

An April Trip to the Zoo

In April, we visited Wichita for my sisters 40th B-Day and had a few extra minutes to go to The Sedgwick County Zoo. Greyson was escorted by Aunt Tralaine, Tanna, Calvin, Grandma Diane, myself, and Michael and had us all running.


Friday, May 18, 2012

Happy Birthday Greyson

Almost 2 weeks ago Greyson turned 2! And of course I have been busier than ever and so I guess these are better late than never...and I promise more pictures of the B-Day to come soon. 

Our friend Allison (MomBE) took Greyson's Birthday pictures for us again this year and she of course caught some great shots. These are two of my favorites and there are more just as good. With a boy that never stands still she was able to catch that sweet smile and his special day.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

P365+1: Days 122-133

133 - 5/12/12: I should have never taught this boy to like I have to share my guacamole with someone.

132 - 5/11/12: First movie (only 15 minutes) in a movie theater. 3D Lego movie at Lego Land Discovery Center kept his attention for sure.

131 - 5/10/12: These lions provide endless entertainment when we stop to visit them on our bike rides. Today Daddy was showing G how to put his head in the lions mouth. G wanted nothing to do with that.

130 - 5/9/12: Went on a bike ride this afternoon. I stopped in the kitchen when we were getting ready to leave and said "hold on, I need my sunglasses" and went and got them out of my purse. As soon as G heard me say that he went to the desk drawer in the kitchen and said sunglasses and got a pair out for him. Needless to say they wouldn't stay on and he was a bit crushed to have to leave them home...crushed for about 30 seconds when he found out we were going to see the bus and kids at the ball field.

129 - 5/8/12: Inspired by Pinterest find, not as pretty but still very good - Egg Sandwich with sharp cheddar, turkey bacon, and avocado. Eggs and avocado are YUMMY. G even likes it. FYI - they added tomato and I made my open faced.

128 - 5/7/12: This would be G's first time at the play area in Chick-fil-a. Tentative at first but then headed in and had a great time. He got in the tunnel and kept saying "hellooo" over and over. Wonder how many germs we brought home that day :)

127 - 5/6/12: G showing off his new Birthday Elmo fork and spoon from Grandma She She and Papa Charlie.

126 - 5/5/12:Overseeing Gramps and Pops building his wooden swing set/fort. FYI - took 16 hours and 4 people to get it assembled.

125 - 5/4/12: Cruising around at the garage sale in his PJ's and shades.

124 - 5/3/12: Big boy having an afternoon snack (juice and veggie fries) at the picnic table.

123 - 5/2/12: Don't see this in schools too much. We only had white or chocolate. Hope Jamie Oliver isn't around.

122 - 5/1/12: Never knew a telescoping paint stick would be so entertaining. Wish it would have worked as well with a paint roller as it did keeping G busy in the back yard.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

P365+1 - Days 114-121

121 - 4/30/12: New favorite snack - dried tart cherries.

120 - 4/29/12: Apple Cinnamon Waffles - a new weekend tradition.

119 - 4/28/12: New Potty Chair - loved talking and sitting on it the night we brought it home from the store - not so much after that.

118 - 4/27/12: A Columbia tradition. One for me and one for Julie.

117 - 4/26/12: I am not a rule breaker...the trail really wasn't closed.

116 - 4/25/12: Best sushi in town...Columbia that is. I don't get to eat sushi much at home.

115 - 4/24/12: Waiting on the porch for a ride.

114 - 4/23/12:Yes, that would be a chewed up and spit out sugar-snap pea. He liked the flavor but not the texture I guess.

Saturday, May 12, 2012


No, this is not a post about what a great eater Greyson is (and he usually is) but more what he loves to do with Gramps (who is now being called Bramps). He loves to visit the barn over and over to feed the chickens, Spot, and the cat, but what he loves most is feeding the horses.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Swing Set VS John Deere

For those that didn't already see this...Greyson got a swing set for his 2nd Birthday, but it doesn't hold a candle to riding on the mower with Daddy.