Thursday, March 29, 2012

P365+1 - Days 81-87

87 - 3/27/12: Sharing a custard cone with Grandma.

86 - 3/26/12: Worked feverishly to finish a Shutterfly book for Greyson's 1st B-day. Think it's about time since he is almost 2 now. I get coupons weekly and this week it was for a free book....just had to pay shipping. They have so many options now and have made the books super easy to customize. If only it wouldn't have lost my first round it would have taken me half the time.

85 - 3/25/12: Mommy's Lego animal tower. Every time I would get it built G would knock it down.

84 - 3/24/12: First lake trip. Beautiful day for a cruise with Grandma She She and Papa Charlie on the pontoon. G is there driving with Michael I just accidentally cut their heads off.

83 - 3/23/12: G was a great patient at his well-baby check (has to have one before MRI). He didn't cry once and even said "AHHH" when the doctor looked in his mouth.

82 - 3/22/12: My knitting scarf project.

81 - 3/21/12: He's getting pretty good with sorting colors and the letters in his barn.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Seems Like Summer

This past weekend we went to North West Arkansas for some fun with family and shopping of course. We stopped at Lewis & Clark's to drop off our bikes for service, Callie did our hair, and we went out on the lake. Here are some shots of Greyson's fun day.

"helping" unload the bikes

The Playground called Lewis & Clark.

 Playing Outside at Callie's

Good times, like the shirt says :)

P365+1 - Days 74-80

80 - 3/20/12: An interesting look in the sky on the way to class visits. Rain clouds again. Fluffy looking billows.

79 - 3/19/12: My favorite neighborhood tree. Have no idea what it is...a weeping something :) It looks like this for about 1 week out of the year.

78 - 3/18/12: Sunday morning treats (coffee, sleeping in, reading)

77 - 3/17/12: Happy St. Pat's

76 - 3/16/12: Park Date

75 - 3/15/12: He found the screen door and thought it was pretty cool to be inside when Mom and Dad were outside.

74 - 3/14/12: Bunny hunting (or should I say "we r hunting wabbits"?)

Friday, March 16, 2012

Super G

Aunt Tralaine brought Greyson this C-U-T-E cape and mask for Christmas but..... 

He really wasn't into wearing it until just last week...
  and man did he have some fun with it running from the laundry room to the living room and back...
over and over.
He doesn't stand still long so some of the pics are a bit blurry but still too good not to share.
And this one was just some fun I had using a new online tool a friend shared called PicMonkey. It's an online photo editing tool in development that is so easy to use.


Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Artist at Work

Look at that grip...and yes he is a lefty now but may end up being ambidextrous.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

P365+1 - Days 61-73

73 - 3/13/12: Maybe the best healthy homemade Peanut Butter Chocolate Granola Bars. This recipe comes from The Marathon Mom blog. The only change I made was to melt 1/2 the chocolate into the mix, leave out the peanuts, and added a bit more oats.

72 - 3/12/12: Mommy - Where you guys going? G - Mowers (at the neighbors)

71 - 3/11/12: Don't know why he did this but he figured out the Lego flowers fit perfectly on his fingers. Today he had 6 on.

70 - 3/10/12: Doing some yard work (thanks Grandma Diane for the rake)

69 - 3/9/12: A neighborhood barn. I took this on a walk with Greyson. All he could say was "Bubba" when he saw it. For those that don't know he calls all horses Bubba since one of my Dad's horses is named that. Now all things associated with Bubba also get called Bubba....even my Dad.

68 - 3/8/12: You have already seen it but learning to knit was a big deal for me.

67 - 3/7/12: New Shoes

66 - 3/6/12: The new "jungle-gym" in the back yard. (we brought home the trailer)

65 - 3/5/12: Someone has been sick and wouldn't eat anything except oyster crackers with peanut butter.

64 - 3/4/12: Painting helper

63 - 3/3/12: G helping pick out colors.

62 - 3/2/12: Bucket head was back. What was sad was that he really needed the bucket since he was throwing up about every 30 minutes.

61 - 3/1/12: One of the sights in Carthage.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Photo Contest

November 2010
For all you Facebookers... Greyson is in a photo contest and in the running to win a FREE setting and some photos from a wonderful photographer, Catie Neuber. Thanks to Aunt Bobbie we had a setting with Catie. She took his 6 month pictures and some family pictures as well including the family pic on the right. We had a fun afternoon with her and would love another chance for her to take more pictures of G.

To help Greyson win all you need to do click on his picture and "Like" his photo. The baby with the most "Likes" wins :) We are way behind now and any votes you can throw his way is VERY appreciated. FYI - he's the one with the sun shining down :)

Friday, March 9, 2012

Knitting 101

I had my first knitting lesson last night from two wonderful and patient friends (Allison and Kiley). Can't say I am proficient nor will I be making anything more than a test swatch for now, but I can "cast on" and "knit" (or at least that is what I think it is all called). They taught me how to make a slip knot to get started also (I only did it once so I have already forgotten :( )

Once I got home, the hubby was sick, so I finished the night as single mom and pulled out my needles and yarn in front of the TV. It took some time and I had to find some video tutorials on to help me remember how to cast on again, but with the base I got from Allison and Kylie I did it. Thanks so much friends...and FYI... I am going to need a few more lessons.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

He's Growing Up Too Fast

Our boy is getting bigger I swear each day. I went out of town a couple of weeks ago and when I came home he was bigger. I mentioned it to Michael and he looked at me like I was crazy only to find that all of his jeans were "high-waters".

While it is a bit sad to see him getting so big (FYI Michael does not get this) it is exciting at the same time...cause look who can reach his pedals on his "tricycle" finally. Now.... to teach him how to pedal and we can quite pushing him and exchange that for running after him.


An Artist

We have a mixed media artist on our hands :)

He LOVES his crayons and stickers... Drawing is great but "eating" them is a favorite past time only second to taking them in and out of the box.