Thursday, February 25, 2010

More Quilt Progress - Almost Done

After debating my options on how to assemble this quilt (and talking with the lady at the quilt shop and Michael), I decided to add the batting and backing myself "quilting" it by following the lines of the fabric squares. I top stitched it with chocolate brown to coordinate with the fabrics I chose and the stitching on the backing is cream and it blends perfectly with the cream and polka dots. My lines are not all evenly spaced or straight but it is made with love and that is all that matters. One concern that I didn't think of until now...I didn't prewash the fabrics - hope they don't bleed.
Now.... to add the border. I have read all about it and the only thing that scares me are the corners - should I do straight corners or beveled??? Think I will make that choice when I get to itI will be sewing it on the front first and then folding, pressing, and top stitching along the edge to finish. Hopefully I can get it done tonight.

Other thoughts....I have seen some scrap bookers putting together pages and books to document their child's growth over time and even had a friend tell me about how she takes her kids pictures in certain articles of clothing. Thinking maybe our little boy will have his life documented with this blanket....who knows, just thinking ;-)

Living Vicariously Works for Now

I am so excited...this weekend I get to live vicariously through Tralaine (& Sharon, Angie, and Stacy) running the New Orleans Mardi Gras Marathon and Chanti running the Run with the Wind 25K. I am sure missing running those distances and running with my peeps. Tralaine signed me up to get race updates on my phone so I will know where she is along the way and what time she finishes. Can't wait to hear all about it. Wondering if she'll qualify again - sounds like a flat course. Chanti and I have done the Run with the Wind the last 2 years and I can't believe I am missing out. It always seems to be the first challenge of the year and a great course except for the hill coming up from the river and the pack of dogs at about mile 9 or 10. If I was a good friend I would ride the bike with her but that's not even working out. :( Sorry friend! Maybe I can get her man to send me texts along the way - you know "race updates". I wish them all the best.

On another note....I have been keeping up with walking at least 5 times a week, 2.5-3 miles at a time and it is beginning to get more challenging. Seems that walking now causes me to have more and longer Braxton Hicks contractions. They aren't painful really just tightness but as my belly gets bigger (and boy is it bigger) the tightness seems to affect a bigger area and slows me down a bit more than I want. Doctors aren't concerned and one even scoffed at the other for "taking running away" (my words) from me because I was having them so often.

A funny thing is "the boy" is now getting active on my walks. He used to be completely still when I was working out but now it's all kicks, pushes, and just moving all around for a good amount of time. Not sure.... is he protesting or getting his own workout on.

Can't wait to get back out on the road and run. Think about it a lot these days having talked about races with the CRC and others. Still debating next official adventure race & marathon. We did get the BOB jogging stroller (yellow Ironman) in last week and I am excited to take it on it's maiden voyage - but who knows when that might be. Hoping for sooner rather than later.

Run On! ....while I'm walking away ;)

Friday, February 19, 2010

1st Quilt Progress Update

Decided to attempt my first quilt for our new little boy's bedroom and am 1/2 way done (I think). Cut out 38 5x5 in. squares, 6 strips of blue fabric, and 4 strips of brown for the binding all in one night this week.

Decided tonight was the night to sew the top together. Took a while but have it all assembled with only one problem, it's a bit crooked on one side. Don't know how that happened but Michael is convinced I will be able to fix that with the binding. Can you even tell?

Next step, sandwich the top, batting, & backing and decide how I am going to put it together. Couple options, just don't know which way to go. Think I will stop by the quilting shop tomorrow and do some investigating.


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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Baby's Room Progress cont'

No sooner than I typed the last letter in my previous post than Michael came walking through the house with the crib box. He was home due to weather and had a few minutes so I guess he decided to use his time productively instead of playing "Call of Duty" all day. It was so fun seeing him put it together (sorry forgot to take a picture) but I had to leave for work and didn't get to help. By the time I got home it was assembled.
He did mention a few challenges along the way but he perservered and got it done. Just one more item in the house to remind us of our little one coming soon. Counting the days until we get to meet him;)

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Monday, February 8, 2010

Baby's Room Progress

This weekend we made some headway on the baby's room. As Michael promised we painted the room and it looks great. He is really helping out a ton (he usually doesn't like decorating projects) and without his help this would have taken me days.

When I returned from the Y and WalMart (needed painters tape) he had already emptied the room of the majority of the contents. With only one scratch on the hardwood floors (ahhh), the bed, shelves, and side table were all shoved in the office.
Saturday was spent painting; we taped, he painted all the walls (only needed 2 coats) and I painted the trim and around the ceiling. Sunday we cleaned up and started moving furniture back in. Decided that the beds would go ahead and switch places now to save moving them later. Now my office seems really full of furniture and the baby's room seems pretty empty but there is more to come soon. The color turned out to be a greyish blue although it is looking a bit lighter in the pictures (you get the idea I'm sure).
Soon enough we will add the baby's bed (Michael says next weekend) and then when we get the real bedding I will post more pictures since it will actually look like a boys room. Right now the room looks a little girl-y due to the Shabby Chic bedding and mauve bed.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Scheduling Walking

Why is it that I can schedule out my running and make sure I get 4+ days a week with a certain amount of mileage per week but when it comes to walking it barely is an afterthought. Today had to fess up to the Dr. that I haven't been exercising that much. And when I said it it really hit me....I don't see walking as exercise so it is not a priority.

You know, walking doesn't make you break a sweat. I don't get out of breath, and I don't cover as many miles. It just doesn't have the pay off :( I think another thing that makes it so hard to get it done is that I have to often times go by myself. I really hate to hold back my CRC friends or twist their arms to go to the Y. I know they will be there for me when I get it back but I am missing them now. At least for the next few weeks I have Spot to walk with although I think the neighbors might think I am a bit crazy walking down the road talking to the dog. Sure wish she would talk back ;)

I vow to walk 5 times a week and do yoga 2 times a week. I can't loose this great habit I have formed and this is just a downgrade in speed not occurrence. I am still a runner even if I am not running and I will be back soon!!!!

Run On (without me)!

Shape Collage Creator

Found this on a scrapbookers blog last week ( they have great ways to use it with scrapbooking) and finally had some time to play with the tool yesterday. So the Shape Collage Creator ( is a great tool to create collages in specific shapes, as the name suggests. I found there is an online and downloadable version. The online version requires your photos to be found online and the offline version allows you to pull images from your own computer.

You can easily customize your collage size, photo size, number of photos, photo spacing, and collage shape. There are preset shapes that you can form your collage into or you can make your own shapes. A tip for making your own shapes - use a black and white line image. They have quite a few to choose from with in the program and some you can download from their website (like a ying-yang, star, puzzle piece, etc.)
Brooke & Michael Vacation 2009 (pawprint shape)