Monday, January 7, 2008

January Rain Storm

Went out for a 6 miler and should have checked the weather. It had sprinkled earlier but I thought that was over. The wind had even died down a little, temp was almost 70 and it is January in Missouri; unseasonably warm. Little did I know a huge thunderstorm was coming.

So about mile 3 when I am furthest from the house I start to notice lightening coming from the direction I have to go. Was think I could make it home but no; get poured on for a couple of miles with the wind and rain in my face and did I mention it was dark. My own fault, but must admit, it was a little fun. Almost seemed like spring. my good shoes are wet and we all know not to put them in the dryer. Will have to trade down to some older ones while they dry out.

Friday, January 4, 2008

Memphis Marathon Slideshow

Been playing around with some Google tools today and figured out how to use Picasa Google Images and figured out how to make a slideshow. Here are some pictures from Memphis Marathon.