Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Why Wednesday - Injury

WHY do injuries happen when you have the most events in the near future?

Seems that this nagging pain in my leg (middle of inside shin) is not going to go away. Less miles, rest, and icing have done nothing. Through conversations with Chanti, Don, and Tralaine (my running "team) what I have decided to do is talk my doctor into ordering an xray to rule out stress fracture.

The pain does not seem to be associated with any muscle hurts when I step down hard, when I toe-off, when I get up from sitting on the floor, and when I apply hard pressure to the site. It hurts the worst during the first couple of miles of a run and then it is bearable unless having to go downhill. The day after a longer run (6 miles or more) I seem to pay for it the most and it hurts with every step for most of the day.

From Don's research, if this isn't a stress fracture, he thinks is might be some sort of shin splint where my muscle is trying to seperate from the bone. Either way....I think it is going to take longer rest and much icing (not the kind you eat) and maybe starting back with shorter mileage.

With an adventure race, marathon, and possibly an ultra (think I have the sister talked into one) all in the next 9 months, I am very discouraged. I still hold out hope that it will just disappear or be resolved quickly.

Run On! (with your fingers crossed for me please)

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Foto Friday - Project 356 Days 197-203

197 - 7/16: Canoeing has changed a bit since we started floating 18 years ago. Think Mardi Gras on the river!

198 - 7/17: Our camp-sight next to the river/creek - wonderful sound to wake up to.

199 - 7/18: Easy Homemade Pizza Rolls. I found the recipe on Pinterest and had to try them.

200 - 7/19: Watering helper

201 - 7/20: So Dax and you want to watch a movie or dance? This was so funny to watch.

202 - 7/21: Good coffee and caught a sunburst in the pic.

203 - 7/22: 5pm and still 102F

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Foto Friday - Project 356 Days 190-196

190 - 7/9: Jimmy John's - as soon as Greyson saw Michael wad up his sandwich wrapper he had to keep trying to wad mine up.

191 - 7/10: New cookie jar

192 - 7/11: Those damn Japanese Beetles are eating up my Crepe Myrtles

193 - 7/12: New Friends - the boys can finally play together.

194 - 7/13: 3 new fillings

195 - 7/14: He will kill me for pics like this someday but it was too cute to let it be missed.
196 - 7/15: Wake a sleeping baby - sometimes you have to ;)

Baby Book Finally Finished

I have been working on Greyson's 1st Year "baby book" for quite some time and finally finished it. YIPEEEEE! I created the pages using Photoshop and two digital scrapbooking template sets; one from Ali Edwards and the other from Biograffiti. Looking back, I wish I had done many things differently (espeically now that I have seen the baby book that Ali Edwards created) but IT'S DONE and now I can move on to new projects.

I plan to order it as a 12x12 hardcover book from Shutterfly (once they run a special or I get a coupon).  They are running a great special now and my friend Allison shared a coupon but both are for 8x8 books and I don't think the pages with the smallest images will look great printed that small.

I also added it to my new Shutterfly family website, Enjoying The Journey. Their sharing websites is a new feature for sharing images and videos that you upload to your Shutterfly account. They recently added this to their website features.

Scrap On!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Why Wednesday - Rain

WHY does it have to rain on the first planned run with long lost Debbie of the CRC? (remember she broke her leg in Feb.)

We actually texted back and forth last night and scheduled a run, including G, for 7am this morning. Oof course it had to rain. Don't get me wrong....we NEED the rain! our yard is soooo brown....but I am beginning to feel like the lone CRC member and it's not helping my slump.

The good news - the way Chanti is recovering, it may not be that long before she is back on the road with me. I can't wait to go on a run with both of our B.O.B.'s. Their little girl is sooo sweet and officially 8 days old today. Fingers crossed :)

An update on the SLUMP plan - took 3 days off, ran at the Y on the mill this morning and seem to be feeling lots better. Plan to run outside tomorrow and Friday {and maybe Sat.} before we head out for a canoe trip.

Run On!

Monday, July 11, 2011


Maybe it's the heat or maybe it's fatigue or maybe it's just a slump...but for some reason this week I haven't really been on or really wanted to run. Of course I did run but am now thinking of taking a week off and see if things turn around.

Not sure what happened....Last Friday I did my 10 miler and that wasn't so bad. Had Chanti there (on the bike) so it flew by. {FYI - Chanti and Brady had their sweet little baby on July 5 - 5lb. 9oz. and the cutest little girl you ever saw}!!! I ran with the sister on Saturday before we headed to the lake for the weekend (the 4th you know). Monday is when I think this hit....the sister ~made~ me do the run she loves. She wanted to do the full 8 miles "out and back". I agreed to the "out" but not the "back" and you'll understand when I tell you that the route takes us through the HILLS by the lake and before we finished up a hill where the road is aptly called Pikes Peak. Need I say more??? Every run after that felt like I was wearing cement shoes.

So I think I will call this fatigue and take a couple more days off this week and hope things turn around.

Run On!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Foto Friday - Project 356 Days 183-189

183 - 7/2: Rodeo Jumbotron

184 - 7/3: Boat days

185 - 7/4: G found the "Chair Tunnel"

186 - 7/5: Eating strawberries

187 - 7/6: Peeking

188 - 7/7: In Memory - Halene loved to gamble and the family included a lottery scratcher and lucky dime for everyone.

189 - 7/8: G likes to get in the wagon by himself and shut the door all on his own.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Foto Friday - Project 356 Days 176-182

176 - 6/25: Big mouth pool

177 - 6/26: Sharing some Orange Leaf

178 - 6/27: New techie dentist (yes, those are my x-rays and yes they are digital and were instantly on the screen)

179 - 6/28: ISTE Tech Conference 2011 - "attending" a couple of sessions by Skype thanks to my friend Allison Byford who was at the conference.

180 - 6/29: Pioneer Woman Flat Apple Pie

181 - 6/30: "Gramps, can we go for a ride?"

182 - 7/1: Gamers