Sunday, April 26, 2009

No Dice in OKC

Well, I had recovered from the hamstring injury enough that I planned to run the half-marathon in OKC with Debbie, Robert, and Scott (and cheer on Don and Chanti when they finished the full) only to find when we arrived at the Runner's Expo that the half-marathon was closed. Fortunately Robert and Scott had pre-registered so they were in but :( Debbie and I had waited until the day before the race to make sure we were healthy (injury free) enough to run and didn't get the chance. For a few short seconds I thought about pirating the race but couldn't imagine not starting the race at the start and not crossing the finish line after so many miles.

So my fate was decided for me and all I could do was show up race day to support my friends. Both Scott and Robert ran the half and Chanti and Don ran the full marathon. Chanti had taken her bike to town so I rode the course with her from mile 9 on and give what help I could.

What a day it was for the racers; the 6am temp was a warm 70 degrees and the wind steadily picked up to more than 30mph. For Scott's first half, he finished thinking he just might run another which is a success in my book. Robert had a strong finish for his first OKC showing. Chanti and Don had tough days with the wind in their faces for a good portion of the race. No PR's but finishing was the big accomplishment.

I do owe a shout out to Don's brother for hosting the after-race BBQ...racers and spectators enjoyed burgers, dogs, and more before heading home.

No racing on this day but good times anyway ;-) Maybe next year. Can't wait for the next race.

Run On! - Brooke

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Off the "Road to Recovery" and Back on the "Road"

After 2 full weeks off with NO running what-so-ever, I am back to doing a small bit. It feels like forever since I last ran and is sooo good to be back on the road. It had started to get depressing watching all of the beautiful spring weather go unused and hearing about all the great runs my friends were having. Was even missing out on some social obligations ;-).

Yesterday started with a short/slow mile jog and mile walk and that was OK. Then today was the real test - 3 miles, which sounds so short since the least I usually ever do is 4 miles. But I can deal with it...I'm healing right, and all seemed to be good. No pain or discomfort but still waiting for some odd pain in the front of my knee to go away now....oh well, running is painful right ;-) Made sure to stretch before and after and iced it well.

Looks like a day off tomorrow, try for 5 on Tuesday, and then maybe 6-8 on Thursday to see if I can hold up for longer miles (possibly do the 1/2 in OKC on Sunday). Still really wish it was the full :'( Was supposed to be my 5th and Chanti and I planned to run it together. Feeling like I let her down a bit but she understand; she's been there herself for tons longer. It will sure be sad not crossing the finish line with her but she will ROCK IT I am sure. Can't wait to cheer her in.

Run on...(again)! - Brooke

Sunday, April 12, 2009

What Do You Do When You Can't Run?

It is as simple as that....what do non-runners do? Geez, I am going on 4 weeks with only 3 runs and am going absolutely CRAZY. I feel like a lazy, fat, slob and have filled my minutes with sleeping late, watching TV, playing Rock Band, eating and FaceBooking. Wow, what a waste of time and training thrown down the tube.

So this week is going to have to change. Need to work of some energy and calories. Must go to the Y at least and lift some weights. I have to get back into some sort of routine. Robert says that maybe I can even try running Friday a couple of miles.

Now I know the OKC Marathon is out but there is still a chance that I can maybe run the Half. Either way we will still go and support all of our friends that are running. Little conflicted though.... OGAR in 5 weeks and I still haven't gotten on my bike. If I try the half and hurt myself then the adventure race is for sure out but if I don't get on my bike soon and run my body is not going to be ready and I am really going to hold back my team. What to do? What to do?

Run on....guess without me:'( - Brooke

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Injury SUCKS

....I am injured and haven't been able to run for almost 3 weeks. Figured out what it is (tendon attached to hamstring and calf bone) and am getting some PT for it but think it has canned my hopes to run OKC in a few weeks. I may make it for the half but if I was a betting person I would say not for the full.

Why couldn't this happen in the first few weeks of training? Why do I get to week 12 and then have problems? Why me?

It kills me that I don't really know what I did to cause the injury but guess it really doesn't matter. The funniest thing is that my dad and grandma are wondering if I am going to smarten up and just quite this running it is a phase I am going through (something like puberty).

Well, you'll hear it first if things get better. Hoping for the best. Keep your fingers crossed for me and....... Run On! - Brooke