Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Dogs - hate them or love them

There are some dogs that I lLOVE, like Spot, who ran miles and miles with me, and some that I HATE, like the 4 big dogs that tried to eat Chanti and I last Saturday.

Wasn't it bad enough that we had to run in the cold and snow....I guess not because the 4 dogs on County Road 100 didn't seem to care that we were just trying to get in our 20 and deal with the weather. When I first heard them start to bark I thought maybe we would be ok, maybe they were in the garage or a fence. Then I heard Chanti say "Oh Shit" and looked to see 4 large dogs charging our way.

I know you are supposed to act like the alpha but man is it scary when you see all those teeth and hear the growls and barks. We did our best, I made myself as big as I could and charged back and we yelled until we were blue in the face. Don't know if they just got board or if we made our point but we escaped another run in with dogs and came out bite free.

One thing we are in the world those people could just sit in their house and listen to all that and not come out to see what was going on. All I know is that I am going to look into buying some pepper spray before our run on Saturday (Run With the Wind 25K) since it is on that same course.

Run on...