Friday, July 30, 2010

The Weekly Long Run

5 miles - check!!! Only stopped for a minute and not cause I had to....Chanti and I had to finish our conversation before we split and headed our separate routes home. Had a great time talking and running. Pace was a bit over 10's so maybe I should do less talking and more breathing but then I think about why I run. Nope - I run for fitness and for friendship so a slower pace to have time to catch up with my friend, so it works for me. And she did let me practice my Cognitive Coaching with her which should count as work ;-) but don't think my supervisor would say that.

Run On!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

I Love a Surprise

Was going to make my long run this week a 5 miler only to be surprised yesterday when I looked at my RunKeeper and saw that what was supposed to be a slow 4 miler w/Chanti turned into a 4.8 (which is almost 5) with Chanti and then Debbie, who we ran into. The run was still slow but all in due time...just glad to say I can run 5 miles again :)

The question now - should my long run now be farther than 5???

Run On!

Monday, July 26, 2010

July Check-Up

Greyson had a GREAT check-up with the doctors at the Vascular Anomalies Clinic this afternoon. He was the center of attention and they are all pleased with his progress and how big he is getting (24 in long, 13 pounds 6 ounces). We had a couple of shifts of doctors come in and out; thinking 7 doctors, 2 nurses, 1 nurse practitioner, and 1 medical social worker. It was a full room for sure.
They are very happy that we are seeing some shrinkage with the growth and still plan on doing another sclerosing procedure as scheduled in the middle of August. Dr. Rivard, the radiologist, thinks that he will have taken care of the majority of the large cysts then and this treatment doesn’t work on the small ones so he will be finished. The plastic surgeons, Dr. Jiang and Dr. Rast, want to see Greyson back around the beginning of October to begin planning the surgery to remove “Buddy”. Dr. Jiang wanted us to know that he will probably not be able to remove all of it but will get the majority and Greyson may have to have other surgeries in the future. We are planning his surgery to be in mid-January but don’t have any dates set in stone as of yet.
We have noticed that Greyson’s right arm is swelling a bit and there are some lumps and bumps that have been their all along and some that have shown up along the way. The doctors agree that it might be time to look into those and Dr. Rivard will do an MRI to see what is going on when they have Greyson knocked out for the sclerosis. We like the idea of killing two birds with one stone only having to put him under once for multiple tests/procedures.
The doctors at Children’s Mercy are so great and supportive. We are very lucky that Greyson found his way here into their care.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Long Run - 4 Miler

:) I know, I know - 4 miles is not that long....but hey, it is for me. Saturday morning I ran with Debbie, of the CRC, and her brother for 4 full miles (stopped 2 times to rest but think I could have run the whole thing). It went well and I think it is about time to set some race goals. I have to do something to continue to make myself get up early and out on the road.

So here it is:
  • Goal #1 - Run The Berryman Adventure Race September 25, 2010 with Don. That is a pretty big goal considering it is a 12 hour race and I know I may not make it, but if at the end of August, I have done some lifting and gotten out on my bike, then I think it's a possiblity. I love that race and I love racing with Don so that is the "fire" under my rear.
  • Goal #2 - probably more realistic than Goal #1, to run the 1/2 Marathon (13.1 miles) on October 10 at the first annual Mother Road Marathon, Half-Marathon, and 5K. I won't be going for an awesome time but to finish and have fun being back out there on the road, to see the sights and enjoy my friends running beside me. From what I figured, if I can add 1 mile to my long run each week, I should be just fine.
Updates to come.
Run On!

Almost 3 Months

We can’t believe it is already July 25 and Greyson is almost 3 months old. No longer will we have to count weeks to figure it out how old he is, now it’s months. You all won’t believe how much he is changing on a daily basis growing and getting more of a personality. He has made his first trip to the library, gone out on the boat, and is going for a sleep over tonight to Gramps and Grandma B’s (with us).
Greyson’s legs, arms, and neck are getting much stronger and he can hold his head up on his own pretty well for short periods of time. We can now carry him facing forward in the baby carrier which he loves because he can see everything. He spends some time each day in his play yard looking at himself in the mirror and smiling a lot and he “talks” to the fabric on the quilt in his bed and above the changing table every chance he gets. He has discovered his tongue and sometimes he and Michael make faces at each other and stick their tongues out. We have found a couple of ways to get him some “tummy time” and this seems to be helping with muscle control although he does have a hard time getting his right arm out in front of him, but he will get it soon enough.
Friday brought Greyson’s first visit from a Special Instructor (Special Ed Teacher) from First Steps, a developmental intervention program. We are lucky that he qualified for services from the Special Instructor, Sharon, 2 times a month and from a Physical Therapist, Suzy, 1 time a week and the cool thing is that they are sisters and can work together to help Greyson out. We know that his “Buddy” is going to slow him down a bit but with their help maybe we can find ways to work around it and keep him moving.
Over the past few weeks we have continued to have his blood work done and while it is not as high as we would like it is not as low as it was when he was in KC for the last procedure. We hope the doctors agree that it is ok and will call off the weekly heel sticks. If he could tell us I am sure he would vote for no more visits to the lab although the ladies are very sweet to him.
Tomorrow he visits Children’s Mercy for a check up with the Vasucular Anomolies Clinic doctors. We will get to see what they think about the changes in his growth and decide if it is working well enough to do another round of sclerosing in the middle of August. I think “Buddy” has changed (seems like it is sinking in a little) a bit more since the last visit but will be interested in seeing the pictures they took to really see the difference. We hope that they will be able to give us a better idea of when his surgery might take place and how long to expect his recovery to be. We will post an update tomorrow evening to let you all know what the doctors have to say.
We hope you are enjoying your summer and thank you for all of your well wishes, messages, and visits. We look forward to more.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Time to Add a Mile

It was an exciting run this morning that I almost missed - oops. Since I was running with Debbie, we were starting a bit later than when I run w/Chanti, so of course I thought it would be easier to get up, but again (like with Chanti) I almost overslept. Thinking there is a reason for this.....Maybe I was tired because Greyson did not cooperate last night getting up 2 times to eat, needing more than 2 diaper changes (poo - yuck), and then didn't want to go back to sleep at 5am after you can understand.

But to get to the exciting part....this morning I ran all but two very small sections from light pole to light pole of my 3 mile route. I didn't have the stroller with me and know that it would have probably required me to take a few more rests but I finally feel like I am getting back to my old runner self. What was so much fun was that I even talked a bit (lungs were screaming at me). One of my reasons for running, and there are many, is to socialize with my friends. I didn't want to slow them down when I was pregnant so it had been a while since I had run with any of them. It was great to catch up with another member of the CRC (Carthage Running Club) and I look forward to getting the whole group back together for a Saturday long run soon. Since I know that is a ways off I think I will be fine with another run with Debbie in the morning and I think it's time to add a mile and go a full 4 (fingers crossed).

Run On!

Friday, July 16, 2010

iPhone Photo Fun

I have been having a great time playing with my new iPhone 4 but have found that Hipstamatic isn't working quite like it did on my 3G. Not sure what is up with that but hopefully there will be an update soon and they will fix it. Did want to share a few shots I have taken that I thought turned out pretty cool.

I have experimented with only the free Hipstamatic stuff so far and need to see what else is out there. But the big struggle is remembering which lens, film, and flash effects do what. How can I keep it all straight???

Other things to do with the new phone... remember that it has a flash on the camera and video capabilities. I need to take so many more pictures than I have been and I'm not sure why I keep forgetting. Maybe there needs to be a bow tied around my finger as a reminder or maybe there are just too many things to remember.

The Pioneer Woman did put up an inspiring post on her blog lately about Using Your iPhone Camera which I thought was pretty cool since she is an excellent photographer and Photoshop user. Thought it might inspire other ;) It even mentions Hipstamatic.

*Thanks to MomBEs Place for all the photography and blog tips and advice ;-) Love your new Hipstamatic pics from the beach.

It's All About the Shoes

My new success on the road (see previous post) can all be attributed to my new shoes. Asics Gel-Nimbus 12 of course. Don't you just love the color???
Run On!

I'm Back...hopefully

I took 2 weeks off and waited for the knee pain to go away and have gotten back on the road again 4 times this week. I am starting slow and still doing walk/runs, which are turning more into run/walks with more running and less walking. Never did I think that recovery from having a baby (C-Section) was going to take so long and be so depressing. Who knew that my first runs out would cause me so much knee pain that I wouldn't be able to go down a flight of stairs or a hill without wincing.

That is all behind me Greyson and I are finally figuring out how to fit our schedules together to work in his feedings and my running. I have gone out 2 early mornings in a row with Michael listening for the little guy and 2 other days. G has gone with me once this week and of course fell right to sleep. Man he loves that stroller, maybe more than I do, but I am wondering if I should hold off on pushing the stroller until my muscles around my knees are better developed. I really wonder if I torqued them with the turns since the front wheel of the stroller is stable and it took a lot of pulling against it and leaning to get around corners.

Since I think this all might be muscle issues I have started doing some plyometrics mixed in with my walk and run times. I am sure the people of the neighborhood think I am a nut case but right now it is anything to get me back to running and back to my CRC friends. Walking lunges, grapevines, squats, and walking backwards probably look really funny with a stroller but if they work then i will do them. It is not hard to tell that after 7 months of no running I AM OUT OF SHAPE - but give me some time and I will be back. Better be since I have an adventure race and 1/2 marathon in the near future I have "commited" to.

Last, have to give a shout out to my friend Chanti, Back To Running, for offering to run/walk with me this morning bright and early. She ran to my house, run/walked with me (only walked 6 blocks total), and then headed home. She got in an hour and I got in 30 minutes. Soon I will be right back with her. Support from friends is essential and I know it - just like she does. I will be the runner I was before and who knows, maybe even better than before. You know it's possible; Paula Radcliffe won the NYC Marathon just 10 months after having her first child.

Run On,

Friday, July 2, 2010

8 Week "Birthday"

Greyson is 8 weeks old today and doing GREAT. Michael and I (along with lots of family and friends) have been enjoying every minute with him and have had a chance to see him grow.... and my, he has grown. Not sure how big he is now but he is starting to grow out of clothes (getting longer and putting on the ounces ;) As you can see from the pictures in the gallery, his cheeks are filling out.

We have seen a tiny bit of shrinking in the growth but not really that much. The full results of the procedure are often not seen until 8 to 10 weeks out. He has had blood work done the past two weeks and we have seen a steady increase in his red blood cells so that is promising. Only 3 more weeks until we go back to Children's Mercy for a check up which means 3 more blood draws, but the ladies that take his blood in Joplin are getting pretty quick at it and they love him to death when he comes in.

We hope you all enjoy the holiday weekend. Take some time to relax and spend time with those you love.