Monday, January 31, 2011

Christmas Cards Idea

I never quite know what to do with all of the wonderful cards that our friends and family send to us during the holidays. Today I found this great idea from Ali Edwards blog. Now what did I do with all those cards???

Nothing New to Report

Greyson had another great day today so nothing new to report...he is still in a great mood with lots of smiles and laughing, he is only needing pain meds at night and we are lowering the dose starting tonight, his drains are still putting out about the same amount (they won't take them out until all drainage stops), and his follow up appointment is set for 10:45am on Thursday (hope all the snow we are supposed to get is cleaned up quickly).
Stay warm and safe.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Home and Doing GREAT!

We got home yesterday about 6:30pm. Greyson slept the entire way home and had a nice evening at the house playing with his toys and entertaining a set of Grandparents. We continued to give him his scheduled pain killers to keep him happy and put him down around 9pm. He slept great and only woke one time around 4am. He seemed a little uncomfortable so I gave him more pain medicine and fed him and then he slept until 8am. Was VERY nice to get some sleep in our own beds.
Since Greyson woke up happy we decided to wait on meds until he seemed like he needed it and so far we haven't had to give him any (and it's 3:20pm now). He is so amazing...he is sitting on his own and playing with toys, wanting to stand all the time, and is full of smiles and laughs. He has eaten well today (sitting in the highchair) and has taken his two normal naps.
Greyson was happy to let us change the dressings on his incision which took some time and 3 people to figure out. Wish the wrapping looked as nice as when Dr. Jiang did it (on his own). There is quite a lot of swelling in the front of his shoulder area where they brought a bunch of skin together when taking Buddy off and his right arm is still a bit swollen depending on how we have everything else wrapped. He has two drains in as well and they will stay in until there is nothing draining out of them. We clean those out once a day and measure the output to make sure it is decreasing. He is also taking an antibiotic to keep infection at bay and LOVES it. So nice that he doesn't fight us on any of that.
Michael and I will be here with him this week and will venture back to KC on Thursday (weather permitting) for a check up. We hope to learn what the next steps will be knowing that he will probably have drainage issues for life. We know they will do another surgery to continue working to get his chest a little more "normal" looking and we also need to figure out how they can address the cysts in his arm.
I am going to post more pictures (including one of the incision) in a few minutes. It looks pretty gruesome but know that Greyson doesn't seem to even be bothered by it. Remember, he has had no pain medication since 4am and is being very active. Wow....Kids are so resilient.
Thanks for all the wonderful comments. We will keep in touch throughout his recovery.
Brooke, Michael, and Greyson

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Going Home Today

Yes, you read it correctly, we are going home in a little while. We have spent the day seeing that we can manage Greyson's pain, that he can be moved around comfortably, that he can sit up, and that he can eat. All of his vitals have been great since we got here so that isn't an issue at all. Pain medication and anibiotics have been ordered from the pharmacy and Michael is packing the car now.

Nurse Brandy is working on the paperwork and doing all the stuff she is responsible for. Dr. Jiang went through the short list of things to watch for and showed us how to change the dressings and how to take care of the drains. We will come back on Thursday for a check in to see that everything is progressing as planned.

We are excited to get on the road and hope that Greyson can relax and rest during the trip. We'll continue to make updates (although probably one one a day) as he recovers.

Thanks to you all for everything. Love you all,
Brooke, Michael, and Greyson

New Photos in the Gallery

I had a chance to upload a couple of photos to the gallery. We did get to see the incision this morning but took a picture with my other camera and don't have the cord to transfer those to my computer yet. I will share them later for those that are interested.

There is a chance we may go home today but we are waiting to see how it goes getting Greyson up, getting him food, and playing. Update to come after lunch.

Saturday 5:30am

Sleep is good :)

After the last update we talked with the Pain Management doctors about getting Greyson onto oral pain medication to see how he would respond since he seemed to need less and less through the pump. They agreed it might be a good time to transition so we were able to get rid of the IV (although both IV ports are still in just in case).

He had a great evening with visitors getting lots of smiles. He was very active acting like he wanted to get up and go and playing with toys. He took a few naps and eventually fell slept after getting some pain medication. We all slept from 10pm until 4am when the nurses came in to do a vitals check. Unfortunately he woke up a bit distressed and in pain but after some more meds he was comfortable enough for me to try and feed him. With the help of the nurse we moved him to my lap and he hung out for a little while and ate and "talked" with us. The best part was when she moved him back and was changing his diaper and he peed all over her and the bed. He is now back in bed relaxing and hopefully falling back to sleep soon.

Dr. Jiang is coming in around 10am to talk about progress and when we might go home. Greyson is doing so well and the drain is putting off very little drainage that it might be earlier than Michael and I had originally thought. Still, he hasn't sat up or eaten any real food and I would like to see him do that before we even think about going home. The thought of getting home and then having to get back in the car and travel up here if there were problems is not idea. So planning on getting him sitting up and maybe get some real food into him in a bit but for now....back to sleep.

We will keep you all posted.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Lazy Friday Afternoon

The day has been filled with visits from many doctors and the nurses all helping Greyson to be as comfortable as possible. We have had some family around and more coming late this afternoon giving us breaks as needed.

Greyson has had a fairly good day. His pain is well under control and he is taking milk and juice from a bottle. The pain medication is making him a bit itchy and so he is getting some Benadryl which then makes him very sleepy. He is spending most of the time sleeping with shorter active periods where he likes to try and pull on tubes and anything else he probably shouldn't be touching. He has a mobile above the bed that plays music and he has his elephant blanket (thanks Carmen) that he holds on to most of the time. We have even gotten one little smile through the pacifier.

Dr. Jiang has been in two times and thinks that Greyson is doing well but wants to leave him flat in the bed for now so no holding or breastfeeding until tomorrow. He is a bit swollen, especially his right arm, but both plastic surgeons assure us that this is expected and will hopefully go down in the coming days.
We may get to go home tomorrow but Michael and I are not hanging our hats on that. When we do go home, Greyson will still have his drain tubes in until there is no more drainage. Right now the drainage is not near what it was last night and Dr. Jiang is happy with it.

Looking forward to a calm evening. I will try to put another update up this evening but it may not happen until the morning if there is nothing new to report. Thanks to you all...

Out of Surgery #2

Surgery #2 was successful - Dr. Rast repaired a leaking blood vessel and got Greyson in and out of surgery and back to his room within 3 hours. He has lost an ounce or so of blood and his blood count is low but Dr. Rast didn't want to give him a transfusion before giving his body a chance to correct that problem. They will draw blood in the morning so let's all keep our fingers crossed that they send the best lab person available.
All of the doctors and nurses comment on how strong and big he is (and of course how cute that hair is) and how that helps him to recover better. Even though we waited so long (in the short run) for this surgery the chance to grow and get strong has paid off.
Greyson is resting well now and will for hopefully a couple of hours. It's been a very long day and we are going to try and get some rest now as well.

Back in Surgery

Unfortunately we are back in the surgery waiting room. Greyson was doing pretty well and got some needed rest this evening but his incision area started swelling and the drain showed that he was bleeding internally so the nurse called one of the plastic surgeons back in. At about 1:45am he decided that it would be best to go back in and take a look so they quickly got Greyson back down to the OR and we are patiently waiting to hear how it went.
Most of you probably won't read this until morning when you are also reading the next update about how he is out of recovery, but I thought some "late-nighter's" might appreciate this plus it gives me something to do.
Sleep well,

Foto Friday - Project 365 days 22-28

With Greyson being in the hospital this weeks Foto Friday is not going to be as detailed. Sorry, just don't have the time. I am sure you understand. Took the time in the surgery waiting room to get it this done. Now more time with the little one.

22 - 1/22: The day Greyson started scooting (backwards)

23 - 1/23 - Time for a night time feeding

24 - 1/24 - My new favorite ice cream.

25 - 1/25 - Practicing standing and playing

26 - 1/26: 21 cents Richer

27 - 1/27: Patiently waiting - no food for hours and not a tear shed

28 - 1/28: The Waiting Room - we're the only people waiting at 4:45AM

Why Wednesday - Can't Go Home

A day late but I am sure you will all understand....I was lucky to get my run in yesterday with all the preparation to try and get out of town for Greyson's surgery. Didn't even know if I would have time for this post but seeing how we are sitting in the surgery waiting room for a second time today it seems I can fit it in.

Yesterday I waited to do my 6 miler until later in the morning and decided to make it a productive run in more ways than one. We had some mail that needed to go out and a deposit that needed to be made so I stuffed the envelopes in my shirt and took off. The weather was nice (at least sunny) and as I stood on the front porch I thought "how nice, I don't need a coat, gloves, or my stocking cap". Then about 1/2 mile from the house I realized the gloves at least would have been nice. Guess the wind was blocked on my porch so I didn't feel how chilly it was. So you would think at that point only being 1/2 mile from home I might turn around and go get them....why no...for some reason I thought that I could just tuff it out and get the miles done. This leads me to my big WHY for the day...

WHY is it so hard to go back by my house in the middle of a run?

Not sure if anyone else has this problem but sometimes the thought of going back home makes me want to be done so some days I will go to any length to not have to pass my house - I will even run an extra hill or two. (FYI this "rule" doesn't count on long run days)

Run On!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Sleeping It Off

Greyson is in his room now (Henson Room 2606). He's sleeping well and is on pain medication to keep him comfortable. He was awake when we met up with him after recovery and seemed calm and sleepy. All of the nurses said that he was the sweetest little guy and they just loved his hair.

If anyone needs to get a hold of us they can call the room (816)234-1690. Our cell is getting a signal right now so I think I will be able to get calls and texts.

We are hoping for a quiet night and no pain for our little guy.

Out of Surgery

Everything went as planned and Greyson is now in recovery. The doctors were able to remove 80% of the tissue and lots of the skin including most of the red discoloration. For those of you wondering he came into surgery weighing 20 pounds and now weighs 19 pounds :) He lost very little blood so didn't need to have a transfusion. We will see him in a bit less than an hour when they take him to a regular hospital room (ya no ICU).
Our concerns now are how well we can manage his pain. The doctors said that with this large of resection to expect pain but we know they deal with this here all the time and will know what to do for him.
Another surgery will be required at a later date and other procedures to take care of the spots in his arm. We hope to only have to stay here a couple of nights but it all depends on how things progress. So far it's looking pretty good.
I hope to put another update up later today but we will see how things go. Thanks for all the thoughts, prayers, and well wishes.

In Surgery

Michael and I just left a happy Greyson with the surgery nurses with the plan that surgery will take around 3 hours followed by an hour in recovery. We will get hourly updates and when the doctors are done they will come down and let us know how things went. We will put up updates as we hear things.

Heading to the Hospital

In a few minutes we are going to the hospital. Everything went well last night except for a melt down in the car bed on the way and then they had to take blood from his head. They tried both arms but they couldn't find a vein in either. Traumatic at the time but he was fine when it was over. Glad they will give him gas before putting in his IV today.

Greyson (and Michael) slept great last night and he has been in a great mood this morning. Just waking up form a nap now to have some apple juice and then nothing more until after surgery.

More updates to come.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Surgery Tomorrow

Tomorrow is the big day and to say we aren't getting a little anxious or nervous would probably be a lie but we know that we have a ton of friends and family to support Greyson through this and an EXCELLENT team working with us at the hospital.

We got the call from Surgery today letting us know that we need to check in at 11:45am and surgery is scheduled for 1:15pm and will last somewhere between 2 and 3 hours. My plan is to post an update after he goes into surgery and then one when the doctors come and tell us that everything went great ;) After that we hope to make updates a couple of times a day until we go home and continue to let you know how he is recovering after that.

Michael and I decided to head to KC this afternoon to keep it as low stress tomorrow as possible. Greyson is going to get his lab work done this evening and tomorrow we will go to the Plastics Clinic for a check-in with all the docs before surgery. We are hoping he will be able to sleep tonight and get his fill of milk before 7am. After that let's hope his great disposition gets him through until he gets put under.

We are looking forward to all the supportive comments we can count on all of you to make. Thanks so much.

Brooke, Michael, & Greyson

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Baby, Snow, & Christmas

More digital scrapbook pages finished this weekend. No rhyme or reason to the pages I make - guess they are just inspired by the photos I have.
2 days old

Snow Day

1st Christmas

9 Months Old - Photo by MomBE  

15 miler - A Social Event

19 degrees at the start and no wind so the weather was ok for my long run this week. We had to stick to the main roads due to the lingering snow and ice. Hooked up with part of the CRC for 9 miles after doing the first 6 solo. Even picked up Allison for a bit. Love helping friends get back into running...I am such a social runner - anyone else want to join me? :)

This week is a recovery week - taking a break before the last build and I am looking forward to it. Got to run 4 today with Chanti and plan to run Tuesday and Wednesday since G has surgery on Thursday. If all is good may run with family and/or friends in KC on Sat but playing it all by ear. Hoping for the BEST!

Run On!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Foto Friday - Project 365 days 15-21

15 - 1/15 - 20 miler: I know this might not really be considered a "picture" to some but I did "take" this picture with my iPhone 4 by holding down the power button and home button at the same time....what I think is a very cool feature of the phone.

16 - 1/16 - The first dump and he handled it pretty well. Picture taken with the Sony Cybershot and added a Velvet Truffle action.

17 - 1/17 - I Love My Mac. Picture taken with my Sony Cybershot and added a Quick Edge Burn edit.

18 - 1/18 - Land locked. What is a submarine doing in the middle of Missouri? Picture taken with my iPhone 4 using Hipstamatic (lens Kaimal Mark II, film Blanko, flash Off).

19 - 1/19 - Don't think Jennifer Morris will be buying any gas, pizza, or orange/vanilla twist. Look close. Picture taken with the Sony Cybershot.

20 - 1/20 - Sprite reflections. Picture taken with the Sony Cybershot. Editing - PW Lovely & Etheral action.

21 - 1/21 - Greyson's Perspective - sometimes you got to see what they see. Picture taken with the Sony Cybershot. Editing - PW 70's action and photo frame.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Why Wednesday - Cold Weather Questions

This morning when I left to meet Chanti for our early morning run (I left at 5:10am) it was a little chilly...the good thing was that there was no wind so the 23 degrees actually felt like 23 degrees. 8.5 miles later (@9:40's) I got home before Michael and Greyson woke up so of course I jumped in the shower and started to warm up...that was when my Why Wednesday questions came to me ;-) Maybe you can answer some of them.

WHY did I used to think that I had to run at the Y if the temp was below 40 degrees?
WHY could I not taste my Gatorade when I got home? (can taste buds freeze?)
WHY could I tell that my hands and face were cold on the run but not my butt? hehehehe
WHY did the warm water feel HOT when got in the shower?
WHY does skin turn red with it gets really cold?
WHY does my skin itch when it is "thawing" out in the shower?

Run On! in the cold

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Latest Scrapbooking Projects

Here are some pages I have been working on. As you can see I have gotten a bit behind....

Yummy Good

Starbuck's Cupcakes - how do they stay so pretty. We all know they don't make them in the store but ship them in and put them on a pretty plate to sell. If I tried to bake cupcakes and take them somewhere half of their frosting would be on the box and my hands. What is their trick?

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Marathon Training Update - 20 miler

 What a beautiful day for a long run. The temp started out somewhere around 30 degrees and got a bit warmer as the miles passed. I spent the first 10 miles plodding away by myself but then met Debbie at my house for the second 10 miles. Think I averaged about a 9:55 but did have to stop a few times to go to the RR and refuel. Want to start running a bit faster but am happy with how I feel now. The legs are fatigued and my feet are aching but if I wanted to I could run tomorrow.
Training has gone pretty well. The major problem I have been having is an aching hip and bunion. Nothing I can't get through though. I just finished my first build and will start the second in a few weeks. Luckily I have a recovery week when we take G to KC for his surgery so if I have to skip that run then I can get through. Tomorrow I need to call and get our room set up and register for the race since it is March 6. Tralaine and family are still coming and I will hopefully be running with Allison (from eMINTS) since she is running so much faster.

Hopefully I can remember to write about my training progress as well as my other running stuff.

Run On!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Witness to Attempted Murder....of a Squirrel

*No animals were hurt in this story so you animal lovers can read on.

On yesterdays run, I thought that my life was in danger.... but quickly figured out it was really the life of a squirrel. 

Towards the end of my 5 miler, on one of my normal running routes, I heard the door of a house on my left creak open and then a hand with a GUN came stretching out the door. It took me just a few seconds to figure out that the gun was pointed at a squirrel in the front yard and not at me. I quickly came to a stop so that I wouldn't get caught in the crossfire and heard shots ring out; ring out might be a bit over the top since it was just an air gun. The hand took about 5 shots at the poor squirrel as he (the squirrel) bobbed and weaved his way across the street and up a neighboring tree and then the hand/gun was gone. I waited until the coast was clear and went on my merry way but will make sure to keep my wits about me every time I pass that house from here on out.

Run On! And keep your eyes peeled for squirrel killers.

Foto Friday - Project 356 Days 1-14

Here are the first 2 weeks of photos for my Project 365.

Day 1 - 1/1/11 - Greyson's first time swimming with Daddy and he loved it. Picture taken with my Sony Cybershot. Editing - 4 Hens Actions and frame.

Day 2 -  1/2/11 - After an hour of fussing and crying we figured out that Greyson's top two teeth were coming in. Tried to show everyone with a picture but he wasn't working with us. Picture taken with my iPhone 4. Editing - 4 Hens Black and White action.

Day 3 - 1/3/11 - My pump...will be happy when I can pack this backpack away ;) Picture taken with Hipstamatic on my iPhone 4.

Day 4 - 1/4/11- Fayetteville maternity ward had plenty of plugs and pumps available for use. Was at he hospital for Charlie's neck surgery. Picture taken with iPhone 4 - editing colorization action

Day 5 - 1/5/11 - Greyson has perfected sitting on his own and can play with even more toys now. Picture taken with iPhone 4 - editing action set 26-5.

Day 6 - 1/6/11 - A blue Red Box - interesting that one of our lake friends is working to get them red again. Picture taken with iPhone 4 - no editing.

Day 7 - 1/7/11 - Venti, Decaf, Skinny, Caramel. Picture taken with iPhone 4 - Editing action Pioneer Woman Black and White.
Day 8 - 1/8/11 - Handle bar on my new bike, the Lisa 120. How cool that my point and shoot can take a shallow depth of field image - Edit adjusted color curves.

 Day 9 - 1/9/11 - Shelves at La Altena - Picture taken with Hipstamatic on my iPhone 4.

Day 10 - 1/10/11 - My water bottle on the desk...notice the bubbles and blurred background. Macro setting on Sony Cybershot - No editing.

Day 11 - 1/11/11 - Greyson loves books already - Picture taken with Hipstamatic on my iPhone 4.

 Day 12 - 1/12/11- Caught G in a great mood at dinner time - Picture taken with my Sony Cybershot. Editing - burnt edge and Pioneer Woman 70's.

Day 13 - 1/13/11 - Michael and Greyson messing around before nap time. A little Where's Waldo? Picture taken with my Sony Cybershot - no editing.

Day 14 - 1/14/11 - A yummy lunch from Qdoba. Mexican Gumbo and Chicken Soft Tacos. Picture taken with my Sony Cybershot. Editing - My 4 Hens Glee action. Used some tips I learned about taking pictures of food from The Pioneer Woman.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Yummy New Actions

Last week a friend introduced me to yet another great photographers blog... MyFourHensPhotography where we found some wonderful {FREE} actions for Photoshop. Check her out, she takes amazing photos and has created some scrumptious actions. Here is a little taste of what I have been doing with her stuff.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Why Wednesday - Weird Dream & Non Runners

So this morning sometime between Greyson getting up at 5am to eat and then at 7:30am for the day I had the weirdest dream about running...

Usually my running dreams are made up of me not being able to run even though I am trying my hardest, like my legs are lead weights but this morning that wasn't the case. This morning I dreamed that someone turned me into family services because I was endangering my child by pushing him in the stroller "too much".

I realize that dreams come from our subconscious but what is odd is that I haven't taken him out in the stroller in a while since it has been too cold and gets dark too early. I think this may have come out of a comment (over 2 months ago) a family member made about one of her friends seeing me pushing G around 5pm at a busy (busy being a relative term because let's remember I live in a very small town) corner and they said I was "going to get my baby hit by a car". I was a bit offended by this comment even though I am sure it was said in jest (or ignorance) but obviously my subconscious can't let it go. Really...... they are crazy thinking any mom would put their child in danger just so that they can run. Why do they think I bought the bright yellow stroller with the weather shield anyway ;P

Which takes me to this...

WHY do I ever think non-runners will "get it"? Maybe it's just a non-runner making a non-runner observation???

Which takes me to this...enjoy!

Run On!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Project 365 or Project 52 - Time Will Tell

Don't know how many of you have heard of Project 365 but you're going to start hearing about it here more's where you take one picture a day for the entire year. I have been tempted by this project for the last 2 years and thought I couldn't do it since I didn't have a "fancy" camera and I was using just a point and shoot camera, but this year I am not going to let that stop me.

Taking one picture a day is a little overwhelming but as long as I can do it I will stick with the project. Don't worry....if I end up dropping the ball I will quickly turn it into Project 52 and will take the pressure off myself a bit and only worry about taking a picture a week.

1/10/11 Already a Book Lover
Watch for my photos on Friday when I plan to post the first 14 pictures of the year. I think I have some fun ones to share and it will be a great way to document our year - can't believe how much easier it is to take pictures when you have a cute little guy to take pictures of; or should I say guys ;)

Here's one that may make the cut.