Sunday, February 27, 2011

007 - Spy Running

Friday's long run was one for the was supposed to be on trails with my friend Allison but 2+ inches of snow it wasn't possible. I was in Columbia, MO for meetings and I live for running on the MKT trail.

The hotel I was staying in had 3 treadmills of which only 1 worked. The long run started at 5am and I was by myself in the workout room until about 6:20am when other people started filling up the equipment and I started to feeling guilty. I knew that others were coming in to run so I let a girl have my treadmill. I figured I only had 35 more minutes and could hit the halls and stairs. After running for a short time (30 minutes to go) the front desk attendant informed me that "we don't allow people to run in the halls." I then let them know, "did you know you have 2 broken treadmills", and continued to run but made sure to not run in the halls or stairwells that had cameras. I felt like a spy ducking through doorways and checking all the corners for cameras, peeking down halls and staying off the main floor where the "enemy" was "waiting" for me. It kept the end of my run interesting for sure and I finished my last long run before Little Rock.

Not really sure how many miles I ended up running but 2 hours of treadmill, halls, and stairs = 12 miles in my mind. Looking back, I'm not sure doing stairs was the best idea since that is out of my normal workout and could have resulted in an injury. Luckily not and I am now gearing up for a 4, 6, and 3 miler this week before heading to Little Rock, AR on Saturday for Sunday's marathon.

Run On!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

January Scrap Page

Found this fun template/quick page from (I think) Biograffiti and thought it might be a good one to document a months fun.....and it was FREEEEEE!!!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Foto Friday - Project 365 days 50-56

50 - 2/19 - Coordinated Shopper
Taken with iPhone 4

 51 - 2/20 - Windy day - went to cheer on our friends at the local bike race and carried G around in the pack. Man that kid is big.
Taken with iPhone 4

 52 - 2/21 - Documentation - documenting swelling to send to doctor and I got this picture that shows how nicely his incision is healing. We can't believe how good it looks.
Taken with Sony Cybershot

53 - 2/22 - Portrait - was such a great picture I had to use it for both photo projects.
Taken with Sony Cybershot. Edits - Quick edge burn, Willette B+W

54 - 2/23 - Geocaching with friends at the Winter Conference in Columbia, MO.
Taken with iPhone 4: Hipstamatic - lens John S, film Ina's 1969, flash off

 55 - 2/24 - Sushi
Taken with iPhone 4: Hipstamatic - lens John S, film Blanko, flash off

56 - 2/25 - eMINTS Winter Conference
Taken with iPhone 4

Thursday, February 24, 2011

2-23 facebook

the joy of LOVE assignment #23

I found this pic in my facebook photos and it seems so long ago although I know it was just 2 years. We were hanging out on Dickson Street in Fayetteville during Bikes, Blues, and BBQ. Amazing what two years can bring :) No longer just the two of us. Can't wait to start taking G to stuff like that. He's gonna LOVE it.

2-23 facebook

2-22 face (portrait)

the joy of LOVE assignment #22

It's so easy to take good portraits of this little one, with such a cute face how do you get a bad shot.

2-22 face (portrait)

2-21 hands

the joy of LOVE assignment #21

Those little squishy digits, one set just a little bigger than the other.

2-21 hands

2-17 staying In

the joy of LOVE assignment #17

the boys hanging out watching TV

2-17 staying in

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Why Wednesday - 10 miles

WHY in the world, did my training schedule have me running a 10 MILER this week for my mid-week long run?

I am less than two weeks out from The Little Rock Marathon and had to run my mid-week on Tuesday. When I went to check my training schedule, which I keep on a Google Calendar, I found that I was supposed to run 10 miles. With the lingering fatigue from the 23 on Saturday and the fact that I am only running 12 miles for my long run this week, 10 miles seemed a bit over-zealous so I made the executive decision to drop it to an 8 miler. I still think I must have transfered the numbers incorrectly from my Excel spread sheet.

Tuesdays run ended up being a pretty good run. Legs were very tired for the first 4 miles and then just plugged on through the last 4 miles. Had to run in the late afternoon and my food from the day didn't even cause issues (which happens often). I averaged 9:40's which is still slower than I want to run on race day. Maybe the excitement of the day and getting to run a whole marathon with my sister will get me through a bit quicker. Whatever the case - I feel mentally ready for March 6 and can't wait for my legs to join my brain.

Run On!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A Check on Some Minor Swelling

This morning we took Greyson over to St. John's to have an ultrasound on what I am calling "mini buddy" for lack of a better name. We noticed some swelling starting on Sunday morning and have been taking pictures of it since then. I sent Dr. Jiang an email at noon yesterday and he responded within 15 minutes. By 2pm he had talked with me on the phone, through email, and text. He called our pediatrician and the pharmacy and got Greyson lined up to have the ultrasound this morning at 7:30am and prescribed an antibiotic.
Greyson did a great job at the ultrasound and let the technician do her job with very little fussing. Think he thought her screen was a TV just for him again. On our way home from the appointment (9:00am) Michael and I were making bets on how quickly we would hear from someone - Michael bet 11am and I said 10:15am. Dr. Jiang had the results called us back by 9:15am. Wow, he is amazing - he is all about keeping lines of communication open. We are so lucky to have great doctors like him on Greyson's team.
So all is well. There are some cysts filling up with fluid (always a possibility) but nothing major now so no need to do anything. We will see Dr. Jiang when we take Greyson back to KC for his compression garment fitting most likely next week. Looking forward to seeing how they helps with the swelling in his chest but also in his hand and arm. Pictures to come.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

2-19 when they are gone

the joy of LOVE assignment #19

so crazy how loved ones leave an emptiness when they are gone

2-19 when they're away

Persnickty Prints - 2 Thumbs Up

My newest scrapbook prints came on Friday and I am SOLD....what great quality and the price is unbelievable.... $1.99 per 12x12 with $5 shipping.

I uploaded to Persnickety Prints last week and I believe the order came in the mail only a couple of days later. I WILL be ordering from them again.

2-20 when they're home

the joy of LOVE assignment #20

and the way they fill you up when they are home

2-20 when they're home

2-18 going out

the joy of LOVE assignment #18

this was easy - we are always on the go (going to KC doctor appointments every Friday - good thing he is in the regular car seat instead of the car bed)

2-18 going out

2-16 together

the joy of LOVE assignment #16

This isn't what I meant to get when I set up this shot but you just never know when you are using a point and shoot camera timer and a 9 month old.

2-16 together low

2-15 Kiss

the joy of LOVE assignment #15
We can't get enough....Greyson did give me his first "kiss" the other day. I was getting ready to put him down for a nap and he was snuggling in around my neck. He hesitated then put his face up by my cheek and then LICKED me. It was the cutest, sweetest, most precious thing ever. I will never for get that 1st - if only we had a picture ;)

2-15 kiss low

Foto Friday - Project 365 days 43-49

43 - 2/12 - Baby Food
Taken with Sony Cybershot. Edits - PW Seventies & Quick Edge Burn

44 - 2/13 - Learning to Pull Up
Taken with Sony Cybershot. Edits - PW's B&W

45 - 2/14 My Funny Valentine (not great quality but hard to get in the pictures with him)
Taken with MacBook Pro Photobooth. Edits - M4H Kiddy Pop: Glee action

46 - 2/15 - blueberries
Taken with Sony Cybershot. Edits - PW quick edge burn

47 - 2/16 - portrait using timer on camera (what a challenge)
Taken with Sony Cybershot. Edits - PW quick edge burn

48 - 2/17 - my favorite Apple Pie Caramel Apple from my Valentine Mikey ;-) (The Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory)
Taken with Sony Cybershot. Edits - PW quick edge burn

49 - 2/18- new friends (Hank Soares)
Taken with Sony Cybershot. Edits - red eye, PW quick edge burn, M4H Glee action

Fatigued & Sore

23 Done - last long run before Little Rock. What a perfect morning Allison and I had....even G thought it was so he woke up just minutes before we were leaving (6:30am), with a huge dirty diaper. Since I thought the husband would like to sleep in G was in on the run for the first 8 miles. Of course I picked a flatter loop for that since I was pushing and didn't want to kill myself with so many miles to come. Our second 8 mile loop was a bit hillier (wanted Allison to feel at home - she is used to running in Fayetteville, AR). We stopped at Chanti's for a water break and then headed back home for last rr break. Our last loop, 7 miles, was a bit flatter and by the end we averaged right around 10's. Perfect morning run! Here are the details from the run.

Thinking I would like to average 9:30's in Little Rock but not so sure I have trained for that or the hills. I am very excited because my sister is going to get to run it with me (we will see if she can stand to run that slow - she is a much faster runner than I). She almost didn't make it in but that is a whole other post. All I can say is a HUGE THANK YOU to the race director.

Run On!

Friday, February 18, 2011

23 Tomorrow

AHHHHHHHHH, really, I really want to do this ;-) 23 miles....YES!!! Best part - I convinced my friend Allison (who is also running Little Rock) to come to town to run with me.

Sad though...sister went to sign up today and she found out Little Rock Marathon was CLOSED. That's ok though - Allison and I will make it anyway.

Wish us luck for tomorrow and in two weeks :)

Run On!

Another Friday, Another Appointment

Michael and I are starting to think we might need a timeshare in KC. Looks like we will be coming back in a week or two for another set of visits. Good thng is that we always have a yummy lunch and do some shopping.

Today Dr. Jiang took out the second tube. It wasn't working properly anymore so it was doing no good. We hope that the drainage subsides and all will be well. We talked with him about Greyson having sclero in May or after summer to possibly treat another large cyst or two. Besides that, all is well.

The second appointment was with PT/OT to measure him for a compression vest/sleeve and glove. It will be custom made and should be here in a week or two. If it fits he will get another and will wear them 24/7 (that's why we will get 2). We ordered one in blue tie-die and can get them in about any color we would like. They will have to replace it every couple of months since he will just keep growing.
Someday Greyson will get to pick the colors. Hopefully this will help with the swelling/drainage issues he has especially in his right arm.

All in all a good visit with docs again. Will update as things progress. Happy weekend.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Perfect Not So Perfect Run

Mid-week long run - 8 miles on Tuesday

  • 8 miles with my boy (listening to him jabber)
  • pushing stroller down hills (gravity is great)
  • 56 degrees (following 24+ inches of snow and many cold days)
  • G napped a bit
  • shorts and short sleeve
  • no watch - running for the joy of running

Not so Perfect
  • wind!!!!!!
  • 20 lb baby - 23 lb stroller
  • lots of interruptions (people wanting to talk)
  • too much caffeine before run (caused 2 bathroom breaks)
As you can see the good outweighed the bad ;)

Run On!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Why Wednesday - to shave or not to shave

Why shave?

I wonder...... why in the summer do I shave at least everyday other day but in the winter I seem to forget or don't have any time or don't really care. Most of the time I feel like no one looks at my legs in winter since they are covered up with pants or we are so cold that who even would stop to talk....but then there are those runs at the Y when I lean over to stretch and notice the "overgrowth" (since I have shorts on). Thinking I might need to pay a bit more attention now that the days are getting so nice and shorts are getting pulled out of the drawer more often.

Run On!

Monday, February 14, 2011

2-14 Jewelry

the joy of LOVE assignment #14
Hope the necklace makes it through this stage of grabbing and pulling on everything.

2-14 Jewelry

2-13 Routines

the joy of LOVE assignment #13
piece by piece

2-13 Routines - learning
Chunky Fingers

2-12 The Eyes

the joy of LOVE assignment #12
Think I might have stole this idea from a photo shoot with MomBE :) You don't always need to see his whole face to know what he is thinking.

2-12 the eyes

Valentine Project for Daddy

Found a fun idea for a Valentine project from Paislee Press: a photobooth love project - Michael loved it ;) It's actually an 8x10 photo that I printed and stuck on the fridge. Think I might frame it for Greyson's room.
Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

Friday, February 11, 2011

2-11 (sweet) Dreams

the joy of LOVE assignment #11

the car lulls him to sleep so nicely (edits - Pioneer Woman's Vintage action)

2-11 Dreams

Foto Friday - Project 365 days 36-42

Taking a picture everyday is more challenging than you would think.

36 - 2/5: How to choose? Greyson is growing so quickly and it's time for a new car seat but how do you choose with so many to choose from.
Taken with iPhone 4. Edits - PW Colorized

37 - 2/6: Recovery data collection.
Taken with Sony Cybershot.

38 - 2/7: Naked - He went in to shower and came out like this. Haven't seen a clean shaven face in too many years to count.
Taken with iPhone 4 - Hipstamatic (lens: Kaimal Mark II, film: Ina's 1969, flash: off)

39 - 2/8: Advances in Pharmaceuticals - one of the benefits of buying prescriptions from a Children's Hospital pharmacy.
Taken with iPhone 4. Edits - PW Colorized

40 - 2/9: Diet A&W Root Beer. Taken with iPhone 4 Hipstamatic (lens: Jimmy, film: Ina's 1969, flash: off)

41 - 2/10: Reading. Taken with Sony Cybershot. Edits - PW Black & White

42 - 2/11: The Perfect Patient. Taken with Cybershot. Edits - PW Burnt Edges