Tuesday, December 25, 2012

P365+1: Days 354-359

359 - 12/24/12: G is feeling a bit better, at least good enough to find Elf.

358 - 12/23/12: Having some fun in Wichita. Hope he follows us back home.

357 - 12/22/12: Elf found us at Aunt Tralaine's.

356 - 12/21/12: My Little Rudolf

355 - 12/20/12: Some fun treats for our neighbors.

354 - 12/19/12: "Look Mommy, he's riding the elephant!"

Monday, December 24, 2012

Prepping for Santa

So the Santa excitement started much earlier this year and he is soooo ready for him to visit tonight.

In early December, we went to see Santa (at the mall) so that G could tell him exactly what he wanted. After the 3rd trip, Greyson agreed to stand next to Santa and even smiled. He was a bit upset when we left and he didn't have his train and train track.

Knowing that Santa needs some calories to keep him going through his long night of work, I figured Greyson needed to get in on the cookies and milk preparations.

For the sake of consistency and because I love the look, the above pictures are in black and white. I think look pretty nice but I thought it might be fun to share a little funny story about the cute PJ's in the last picture....

Two years ago (at Greyson's first Christmas), we started the tradition of getting him new PJ's and let him open them Christmas Eve. This year, when we said he could open a present he was uber excited and then he opened it and here is what we saw....

...guess he was a little disappointed but he recovered and went to bed happy and excited for Christmas morning. He did ask for one more thing this afternoon...a little bit of snow.

Merry Christmas to you all.
Brooke, Michael, and Greyson

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all of our cherished friends and family. 
We wish you a very Happy New Year!

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*Thanks to our wonderful friend Allison for taking the picture. Love it!!!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

P365+1: Days 336-353

353 - 12/18/12: Jockey in training.

352 - 12/17/12: Hanging out with Granda Melton's lady. Miss her.

351 - 12/16/12: He looks like he belongs here for sure.

350 - 12/15/12: Good thing we didn't need to turn on the fan. This was Daddy's first hide.

349 - 12/14/12: Back on the shelf with our 12 Days of Christmas sacks.

348 - 12/13/12: Helping get Mom's coffee ready. What a mess.

347 - 12/12/12: Checking out some Christmas lights with Mira.

346 - 12/11/12: Ready for a dip.

345 - 12/10/12: Literally - Elf is on the shelf again.

344 - 12/9/12: Doesn't look like much but it's the first real cushion fort.

343 - 12/8/12: Playing around again this time with pool balls that we can't play with.

342 - 12/7/12: G was wondering what Elf was doing in the stockings. I said maybe he was checking to see how much space Santa had to work with.

341 - 12/6/12: How did he get up there?

340 - 12/5/12: With a little help, G wrote his first letter to Santa.

339 - 12/4/12: Elf seems to be into photography.

338 - 12/3/12: Even though Elf freaked him out last night he is excited to see him this morning.

337 - 12/2/12: Crazy Elf flew up there on the G. Was a great idea until bedtime when it Freaked Greyson out and he had to be moved without stealing his magic.

336 - 12/1/12: Starting a new tradition. Unique name for this year "Elf" ;) Not sure he gets the entire gist of EOS.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Cracking Us Up

This boy just doesn't quit. He does the funniest things. Here are a few pics from the week.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

P365+1: Days 321-335 (November: A Thankful Month)

335 - 11/30/12: Thankful for time with friends enjoying our kids and a coffee.

334 - 11/29/12: Thankful for friends that still send Christmas cards (snail mail or virtual).

333 - 11/28/12: Thankful for his love of books ... and that cute open mouth.

332 - 11/27/12: Thankful for silliness!

331 - 11/26/12: Thankful he wants to help and be independent (most of the time) and that his Daddy is so very patient.

330 - 11/25/12: Thankful that I don't have to help with this job anymore. Also thankful our city will pick up leaves piled on the curb.

329 - 11/24/12: Thankful for the smiles that helping pick out the Christmas tree brought to his sweet face.

328 - 11/23/12: Thankful for homemade eggnog. Sound pretty simple but it is so much better than store bought.

327 - 11/22/12: Thankful for times with family. This isn't the whole group of course just the ones I got to sit still.

326 - 11/21/12: Thankful that I get to help prepare some of the food for our Thanksgiving feast at Mom's.

325 - 11/20/12: Thankful that he has makes the big steps of growing up so easy and even helps.

324 - 11/19/12: Thankful for his persistence and focus - hope it lasts :) He helped put the whole puzzle together and there are lots of pieces.

323 - 11/18/12: Thankful for buy-one-get-one Holiday drinks at Starbucks and the farm fresh eggs from the Roberts Chicken Ranch.

322 - 11/17/12: Thankful for the time to visit this sweet little girl and get to rock her to sleep. @rkeck75

321 - 11/16/12: Thankful to my friend for inviting us celebrate with her family as her kids grow up. Congrats to Hadley on her first play performance.