Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Baby's Bedroom Finally Done

- Completed Quilt, Red Crib Bedding from JCPenny, and Brown Panels from Ikea -

Well, maybe "done" is an overstatement. We still need to paint the twin bed and I need to find a mobile for over the baby's crib but it will all be good for now. Feel like there needs to be something behind the crib but just not sure what yet. If you have some ideas pass them on. Enjoy the pics.

- Window Frame Project -
- the shelf is full of toys already -
- number print from Ikea, Circle bedding from Target, 6 frames filled with scrapbook letters -

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Too Many Blogs, Not Enough Time

I love having time with friends for just hanging out and sharing crafting ideas. Last night my friend Allison and I got a chance to catch up (at her house - which I love) and she of course shared some new blogs I need to be reading. Of course, I have forgotten them and will now have to beg her to send them to me to add to my blog list. We spent the night talking about family, babies, homes, projects, photography, and more. Wish I had more time like this and less time for work.

My friend Ashley (who is "sew" crafty) shared some sewing ideas (even for boys) with me last weekend at our baby shower in Wichita but also sent me a new blog (The Pleated Poppy - to check out and a new site to order fabric from (Hawthorne Threads - what I need; I LOVE FABRIC....just wish I had time to work on all the projects I see.

As of now, the baby's room is still a work in progress. When I get about 3 hours to finish up a couple of wall art projects I will be happier with the end product. Oh yeah, Michael has to paint the bed still and then it will be done.....or at least done for now. Pictures to come soon.

Monday, March 8, 2010

The Quilt is Finished!!!!!!

Finally, with the help of some great work friends, I have finished the baby quilt. The binding did prove to be the toughest part of this quilt but it was a bit time consuming. I ended up stitching the binding all the way around from the top and then folding it over and tucking under about a quarter of an inch to finished the edge nicely and then top stitched it from the top of the quilt.

The corners were a bit harder (in fact the hardest part. I decided to go with a straight corner instead of a beveled since it made since with all the right angles all ready on the quilt. Had a few challenges while trying to stitch straight lines and turn the fabric but it is made my me with lots of love and I can let go of needing it to be perfect. First time it gets thrown up on I will probably cry but that's what I made it for ;-)

It is easy to see how people get so into making quilts with so many possibilities with design and beautiful fabrics. I already want to make another one but have too many other projects to get working on.

This weekend, Michael put together the shelves we got from IKEA and I wished we would have picked up one more to have two sets on both sides; still might order another. Think they are going to be great for storing clothes and what-not now and eventually be toy storage for our little guy.

Grandma Diane and I put away clothes, diapers, and other gifts that my work friends so generously gave us last week in 2 surprise showers. I work with such great people in Columbia and East Newton. I am so lucky! One of the many fun gifts was a Diaper Cake
which I have seen before but never to this degree. It had receiving blankets wrapped around it with coordinating ribbon, greenery, little baby toys, and a Womb Sounds bear on top (the second one we have received ;-) so they must be a good thing to have).

Next projects include wall decorations (found a print at IKEA with numbers on it and now need to create something with letters) and hemming and hanging the curtains. Should have those done sometime in the coming weeks. Time is flying by now so I better get busy....he will be here before we even expect him.