Wednesday, February 29, 2012

P365+1 - Days 53-60

*Feb - Once Upon a Time photo challenge - I have taken some liberties for the last week.

60 - 2/29/12: Something fun for LEAP day - US!

59 - 2/28/12: My happily ever after! Yes - G took this pic with a tiny little bit of help.

58 - 2/27/12: Something that keeps me from sleeping. Thanks Julie and Doug.

57 - 2/26/12: Goldilocks would have to be happy with one of these.

56- 2/25/12: Odd couple...well not really odd at all! Allison and Chanti made a great couple - today they paced each other quite well. Congrats to Allison for her first official 5 mile race and all that she has accomplished with running and to Chanti for her 25K. Think she fared better than me on her feet than I did on my seat (bike seat that is). We may have a new CRC member :)

55 - 2/24/12: When traveling in Columbia I dream about these trails. Today this is what we ran (biked) into after a huge wind storm the night before. Actually hurt my shoulder lifting my bike over it.

54 - 2/23/12: Tried to kiss my frog today but it didn't turn into my prince. No running for me yet I guess so I took the bike on the trails in Columbia and went farther than I have ever run there before.

53 - 2/22/12: My new clothes - well the scarf is new at least.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

February Randomness

Sometimes I get all of the pics from the month together and there are a few random shots that I have to share.
  • This would be Greyson's first picture (meaning first picture he took on his own). He was playing in the bedroom while I was getting ready for work in the bathroom. He found my phone, unlocked it, opened a few different apps including calling Aunt Tralaine a couple of times, and then he opened up the camera App and took this picture...
  • He LOVES playing hide-and-seek a lot these days. This is him hiding in the clean laundry.
  • And the tents don't ever seem to get old. Here is one of the newest tricks Michael and Greyson came up with. Wish I could say I can do the same but it didn't really work out like that.
  • Finally we took some video highlighting some of Greyson's newest "tricks"....saying "Go!" and giving fist bumps.

P365+1 - Days 46-52

*Feb - Once Upon a Time photo challenge

52 - 2/21/12: My newest adventure (renaming every folder of photos from 1990-something to today - wow)

51 - 2/20/12: Big, Bigger, Biggest

50 - 2/19/12: What lifts me up when I am feeling down...always. And thanks Gramps and Grandma B for teaching him this new trick.

49 - 2/18/12: One of my talents - backseat driving since I seem to be stuck back here all the time now.

48 - 2/17/12: What I'm hiding from (his new favorite thing to play - Hide-n-Seek)

47 - 2/16/12: What's in my basket of treats.

46 - 2/15/12: My drink of choice.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Rock Band - Tour #1

He acted like he was a drummer but we found out he's really the lead singer. He didn't want to give up the mic and didn't want to share it and sing a duo. Do all the really great singers mouth the mic like that?

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Bathtime Laughs

This boy has such a great time in the bathtub.
*no one was injured in the making of this video.


Wednesday, February 15, 2012

February Snow Day

:( Greyson isn't the biggest fan of snow...or at least didn't like the idea of touching it at first. He loved saying "snyo" over and over all day long but had to warm up to the idea of touching it or walking in it. He came around (kind of). The pic above came with a lot of strong encouragement from us (see below).
By the way, Michael isn't getting fresh with little snowman but trying to convince Greyson that he is harmless.


Tuesday, February 14, 2012

P365+1 - Days 39-45

*Feb - Once Upon a Time photo challenge

45 - 2/14/12: My Prince Charmings (the new "cheese" face)

44 - 2/13/12: The little people in my life

43 - 2/12/12: What makes me stop and listen (anything sweet sings my kinda music)

42 - 2/11/12: Who comes running when I call

41 - 2/10/12: How I wear my hair

40 - 2/9/12: A daily chore

39 - 2/8/12: My Castle (or hiding place)

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Cinnamon Rolls - 2nd Attempt

Ahhh SUCCESS! Not the best ever but really good. Followed the copycat recipe here. Used my new vanilla paste in the icing and it was too die for. Next time I will add more filling (butter-brown sugar-cinnamon). I may also make them a bit bigger.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Did You Know: Stress Fractures

Did you know that running causes stress on your bones :) and if it doesn't have time to heal then you get a STRESS FRACTURE :(

Did you know that an Xray can't diagnose a STRESS FRACTURE but can show signs of bones trying to heal.

Did you know that is is very uncommon to get a STRESS FRACTURE on the backside of your Tibia.

Did you know that orthopedics most of the time diagnose STRESS FRACTURE based on symptoms because the fix for a STRESS FRACTURE and other possible injuries like shin splints is the same.....Stop Running - Rest :'(

So it has to be dream to do the Brew2Brew as my first Ultra with my sister is out. But on a happy note...she, the sis, is still going strong and planning to give it a go :)

Run on! while I sit here and wait for no pain so then I can start walking.

Cinnamon Roll - 1st attempt

I am trying to recreate the scrumptious Cinnabon cinnamon rolls and found a copy-cat recipe here that sounded pretty good. I followed the directions and made the dough. Here is what it looked like after an hour of rising time. Didn't double :( so my yeast must have been bad (I must admit it was a little old).

So attempt #1 at making cinnamon rolls was a flop. With all my cooking and baking experiences I have never been a bread maker. Maybe I will give it a try again this weekend. I will figure this out.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

P365+1 - Days 35-38

*Feb - Once Upon a Time photo challenge
38 - 2/7/12: Something Broken (obviously something is broke if these have been on our bathroom counter since New Year's)

37 - 2/6/12: My most magical place....this might be a stretch...but anywhere around him is definitely magical.

36 - 2/5/12: How would I build my my fairy tale??? With endless smiles and fun times like these.

35 - 2/4/12: Finding hidden smiles - amazing what can bring out a smile (my friend Rachel playing the piano for us....not singing)

Friday, February 3, 2012

Spring in January

The weather was so nice that we decided a trip to park would make Greyson's day. By the smiles you can probably tell it did.
Hope you are enjoying this great weather as much as we are.

P365+1 - Days 32-34

If you are confused by the pictures or comments just know that February

34 - 2/3/12: Mirror, mirror on the wall - What do you see when you look in the mirror?

33 - 2/2/12: Shadows - Happy Groundhog Day!

 32 - 2/1/12: Your magic wand - Share something you are never without.

P365+1 - Days 30-31

31 - 1/31/12: The headlamp never gets old. Only wish I could get a shot when he is running through the house in the dark with it on.

30 - 1/30/12: Getting to see My Boys on FaceTime when out of town makes it bearable. G loves to blow kisses, kiss the picture of me and hug the iPad when he is talking to me but nothing is as fun as getting to move his picture around the screen as we visit.