Monday, September 22, 2008

4 Weeks Out

This weekend is supposed to be my last long run before my 3 week taper but crazy people that we are....Chanti, Jonas, Don, and I have signed up for the Berryman Adventure Race meaning our 23 miler will be pushed off a week and we will have just a 2 week taper.

I am feeling pretty good these days...hip problem seems to have subsided, bunion is just a little achy, and my blisters on my big toes are on the mend. But....I have 2 new blisters on my baby toes, I have constant fatigue, and I am eating like a horse.

As for being prepared for the adventure race, I have warned all of my teammates that I will most likely be the weakest link; secretly I will be dragging them all behind me (hahahaha, kidding). I have been on my bike but not on enough hills. I tried to find a new bike but guess the 100 pound Raleigh will have to get me through. So far there is no word that we will have to canoe with our bikes but the last race update did say to prepare to get wet. Just hoping I don't have to carry it on my back across the river like the last race. Oh joy, at least it is supposed to be a nice day (low 50, high 77...not bad).

Strong legs, strong mind! No whammies, no injuries!