Wednesday, April 9, 2008

It's a Run not a Race

Michael kept saying "It's not a race it's a run." I do see a difference but even when I go into an event thinking that it is just for fun I still notice we find ways to compete. The Brew-to-Brew relay race is different...teams start at different times and teams have different amounts of runners from 10 to 1 so one minute you are keeping pace with the "rabbit" in front of you and the next minute someone is flying by you like you were standing still. At no time do you ever know where you stand in the rankings. You don't know if you are running next to a solo runner or someone that is just running one short leg.

We still don't really know how we placed yet (results aren't up, check back soon) but if you want to know how we compared ourselves to each other we seemed to fight it out to see who was going to get to run the most: Brooke-22 miles, Don & Julie-19 miles each, Jonas-13 , Chanti-13, and Bob-8. (hope i got the total miles right)

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

I Really Want to Run Half

My goal this year with the Brew-to-Brew is to run 22 miles (half of the race) in the hopes that some year I would try to run the whole thing...well that is not seeming like it is going to work out. Why I have to get the worst flu ever a week before the race I have no idea but then for me to pass it on to my teammates was really bad. Guess we will have to see what happens. Hoping for the best (which right now would be to finish my 18 miles I am signed up to run myself).

On a good note...the weather is looking pretty good..low of 48 and a high in the mid 60's.