Sunday, September 16, 2007

15 miles - check

Thought I was going to have to run the 15 on my own and we all know how boring it is for me to run alone. Even though I know Michael would have jumped on the bike for at least half of the run I thankfully found a partner. Julie, one of the teachers I train; agreed to come over here from the town she lives in and slow down a bit to run with me. I know she is easily an 8 min. miler but she pushed me to run 9:30's for most of the run (not counting 3 rest stops).

Was our first cool morning of the 16 weeks, so sad. Guess lake season is almost over, Michael is going to shed a tear or two. Looped town 2 times (10 miles followed by a 5 miler) with thunder brining us home. Luckily the rain held off until we got back. Did have water 3 times (not enough) with blocks at mile 10. Didn't feel hungry at all but was thirsty. Need to plan more water stops next time.

Don't know if she will run with me (or us) again but Julie and I got to know each other and I only ran into her a couple of times on turns when I forgot she couldn't read my mind and just "know" we were turning. We talked a lot, not just me, and she got to know the town pretty well. Next time I should have a better plan in mind before heading out.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

The 16 Weeks Has Begun....On The Road to Memphis

Marathon training is in full swing and I forgot to tell you all....not that anyone but myself cares. The road to Memphis is now in week 3 or 4 I think; the long run for the week is a 13. So very excited, we are going to Wichita this weekend so I get to run with Tralaine and family. It has been so long and she hasn't been running much. Maybe I can actually keep up this time. We have our rooms booked but still haven't registered for the race...should get to that this week, maybe this weekend. Don signed up long ago.

Have been putting in many miles (probably more than necessary) but I have to get ready for the Berryman Adventure Race on Sept. 29. Getting on my bike should be my primary focus but riding bikes by yourself is sooooo boring. Chanti finally has a diagnosis for her hip pain (which is keeping her from running) and the doctor says she can ride with me. So happy about that. MUST take my bike to mom and Charlie's next weekend. Probably too late but need to get some hill workout on the bike and running all in the same day. Wish I had Chanti to train hasn't seemed as exciting getting ready for the Berryman since I have to do all of my training on my own. Wish Jonas and Don would call more often and pump me up.

Still eating pretty bad....have tried to take on the "Live the Lifestyle" mantra and think it is starting to set in. Haven't gotten to the weight room in 2 weeks. With traveling for work won't be able to until next week.

Live the Lifestyle, Live the Lifestyle, Live the Lifestyle.......oh yeah, it's my Birthday soon...supposed to have some things decided by then. ;-)