Thursday, December 27, 2007

Always a New Plan

Why is it that when I finish one race I can't seem to sit back and enjoy the accomplishment of completing 26.2's always about the next race, what's coming next. And everyone else is thinking in that directions too; all I hear is "So what's your next race?" "When are you racing again?". And in my head it is already "How can I run faster or maybe I should try a longer race?"

Now that I am feeling 90% recovered some ideas for improvement have crossed my mind: train harder, run more miles, run longer runs, run faster miles, run hills, lift weights, plyometrics (sp???), eat better (less sugar/carbs and more protein), drink more water, cross-training (cycle & swim), and drop a couple of pounds (wonder how much faster I could run with 5 less pounds?). There needs to be some sort of plan; something to stick to.

The New Marathon Training Plan
  • Run 5 Days a Week - Long Run, Recovery Run, Tempo, Speed (Intervals)/Hills, and Race Pace Mid Distance (or run 4 and cross train 1)
  • More Protein, LOW Carbs (-sugar), Lots of Veggies (no potatoes), some fruits, some fats
  • Drink 120 ounces of water daily.
  • Eat 5 times a day: 3 small meals with 2 snacks between.
  • Lift 3 times week upper body pick out the next race:

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

The Proof

2007 Memphis Marathon Results

1/2 Marathoner: (5769 runners)
Place Name      Time   Pace
2073 Sharon Lafoe 2:05:05 9:33
4th out of 42 in age division - 781 female finisher

Marathoners: (1961 total runners)
Place Name        Time   Pace
458 Tralaine Benefiel 3:45:25 8:37
19th out of 125 in age division - 80 female finisher

873 Robert Oexman 4:12:14 9:38 107th out of 197 in age division - 676 male finisher

985 Brooke Roberts-Higgins 4:18:53 9:53 50th out of 125 in age division - 241 female finisher

986 Angela Benefiel 4:18:53 9:53 42nd out of 123 in age division - 241 female finisher

1601 Debbie Knight-Oexman 5:09:04 11:48 51st out of 75 in age division - 514 female finisher

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

The story of my Hat Trick (number 3):

Memphis - VERY hilly course on slanted roads - ahhhhhh - Did I say it was hilly and all the roads were slanted....not good on an IT band that is always ready to get annoyed. We should have known.....

1st Half - Ran great 1st half for me with the help of Tralaine (sister), Robert (Carthage friend), and Angie (sisters, sister in law) around 1:58, ran with a lovely stomach cramp from mile 11-15 and my quads started getting tight at mile 14 and it only got worse from there. By mile 16 my feet and some toes were hurting and knees started in very soon after that. This was all followed by my IT band and hips. Told everyone at the end, while trying not to cry, that I felt like I was running on someone else's legs. Never have my legs felt that bad from top to bottom. Hope they never feel like that again.

2nd Half - Never wanted to quit, always knew I would make it, but was not a happy racer. Had to walk through all water stops and between some miles after mile 16. Was by myself for 10 miles until I hooked up with 3 ladies from the St. Louis area who helped me through 1.5 miles and then Angie found me at mile 25. Wow, what a relief that have someone to talk with to get me through the end. We ran in the last mile (without stopping to walk even though we wanted to) and finished in 4:18. Not really excited about that time (same as my Vegas race) but will live with it until the next one. Still looking for my 4:10 and my 3:59:59 but guess that will have to wait.

Thanks for all the well wishes, can't wait for the next chance to hear them again. Anyone wanting to run with me is welcome. Run on....

Saturday, December 1, 2007

1 Hour Til Race

Never gotten to post an hour before a race yet...kinda cool!

After a decent pasta dinner, 8 hours sleep with wake-ups every hour after midnight....I feel great. Eating a bagel with peanut butter now and all I have to do is put on my body tattoo pace table (how cool, will take a picture and share later), stretch, apply some Vaseline, and brush my teeth. Sub 4 sounds do-able this morning but will have to keep reminding myself of that as I run. Will be very happy with 4:10 baring no injury issues. Ghost pains have been lurking all week, especially in the right knee area. Can say it doesn't hurt now :-)

Can't wait to share the good news later.