Friday, April 30, 2010

Photoshop & Scrapbooking Fun

The other night my friend, from MomBE's Place, came over to share the "belly pictures" she had taken of Michael and I so that we could mess with them a bit in Photoshop. We learned so much just blindly walking through it (just imagine if we found a Photoshop class). Here are a couple she processed - isn't she talented. If you are interested in booking her for your own pics you can leave a message for her at her blog or tell me and I can get you in contact. I soooo can't wait for her to take some pictures of our little one when he gets here.

But here is what I then came up with after she know I am into this digital scrapbooking so this is my newest 12X12 layout.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

A Must Try - Fabric Wall Decals

Found a new blog today thanks to my friend Chanti. Another blog, How About Orange, added to my list that I probably won't have time to check but have already gotten a few ideas just by scrolling through the first page. I ran across a project called Starched Fabric Wall Decal Experiment that sounds like fun and would be great for a big wall in my bathroom. I love fabric and it would be something temporary that could change as my style does. Next challenge, when will I find time to do this????

Monday, April 26, 2010

Last Projects Done!!!

It's official....I am finished working on this baby's room. There are still some things it needs like some shelves for trinkets but I am done with the projects. Shelves will have to come later. The room is really going to be a work in progress as he grows up and things need to be moved in and out so maybe the shelves might come then. I probably couldn't get Michael to put one more thing up anyway. So here are the final projects and pictures....

Animal Mobile (thought I had one purchased but lady canceled on making it so I made one myself - not really what I wanted but it will work for now)

Paper Cranes (originally made to hang of the mobile but wouldn't hang correctly so now they are attached to the big picture window over the changing table)

Friday, April 23, 2010

Birthday is Set

Today we went to Kansas City to St. Luke's to check on the baby again and set our delivery date. The baby was VERY active during the ultrasound which is good and things looked good. The growth hasn't seemed to have gotten any bigger but he is. They think he might weigh around 7lb 14oz now - big boy. We met with Dr. Gibbs and set the tentative delivery date for Friday, May 7 as long as his lungs are ready. That is only 2 weeks from today - WOW, we will be parents sooner than we expected.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Still a Runner

I am still a runner!!! I may not look like a runner or even be able to run, but I know I am still a runner. It seems like it has been a REALLY long time since I last ran and will still be a long time before I get to even start running again....BUT I AM A RUNNER!

Run On,

Poladroid Polaroids

Found a cool download this week while getting caught up on my blog roll - If you love the old Polaroid pictures, this tool offers an easy way to drag your existing images to a "camera" and it creates Polaroids that develop right in front of you. Then you can save as a good quality JPEG (1400x1700 pixels) and use in future projects. Enjoy ;-)

Mobile Woes

So I got this lovely (being sarcastic) update email from my new buddy at Etsy yesterday :( saying that she has to go back to work unexpectedly and won't be able to make my Mobile. She has even refunded my money already so I guess there is no changing her mind.

It seems I must take matters into my own hands....I just may have to make one myself. Today in a mad search I found a mobile base (made to hold photos) on and I emailed my Etsy friend asking if she might share her monkey template (but haven't heard back). Looked at some other fun mobiles and think I have convinced myself to take matters into my own hands and give it a try. I guess a benefit of doing it myself will allow it to be totally customized for the room and my taste.

Updates on mobile progress to come.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Found a Mobile

Finally, I found a mobile that I LOVE....I know, most of the advice said to get one that moved and played music but I just couldn't find one that I thought was cute and went with the baby's room.

Last night I swear I spent forever looking through handmade mobiles on (place to buy and sell things handmade) and found one with monkeys that both Michael and I liked. It is going to hang perfectly from the ceiling above the bed and is soooo cute.

The coolest thing is that the seller will customize it to match the colors in the room. I ordered it this morning (sent her a link to my blog for pictures) and heard back from her within 5 minutes. She was so nice and assured me that she will start working on it soon and will have it to me before the due date. Now, if we can just tell this baby to wait ;-)