Monday, November 7, 2011

Greyson's Great

Well, thanks to a couple of Greyson's followers, I am finally getting to the update I should have posted last week. Sorry for the delay. Along with this post I plan to put up a couple of pictures so you can see how well he is doing.

It has been exactly one week since we traveled to Kansas City to see Dr. Jiang. Dr. Spaeth decided that the drainage had declined enough and he had been in the sling long enough that it all could be removed. We visited Dr. Jiang to make sure all was well. They were very impressed with how things have improved and how good the incision and his chest look. Monday was perfect timing with Halloween and he made the cutest garden gnome with two arms :)

Greyson has been using his fingers, wrist, and arm pretty well. He will get a bit of therapy to help get back full range of motion. Since his arm was in the sling for so long he still holds it down a lot and bent at the elbow but it doesn't seem to hurt at all and he can straighten it out when encouraged.

We will go back to see Dr. Jiang this Friday for hopefully the last doctors appointment for a long while. We will take him back for an MRI and ultrasound sometime in January.

In the mean time we hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving and Christmas. We will be in touch.
Brooke, Michael, & Greyson