Friday, March 22, 2013

Vascular Anomalies Clinic Visit

In the beginning of March, Greyson visited the Children's Mercy Vascular Anomalies Clinic...basically an appointment with 4 specialists (dermatology, radiology, plastics, hematology). They reviewed all documentation and history since his last visit there (before our trips to Columbus) and basically just told us that he looks great and seems to be doing great.

Lunch at Fritz' between appointments (trains bring your food)

Greyson will have an MRI and Ultrasound April 17 to check out things further. The MRI was already scheduled but they did go ahead and schedule an ultrasound for that same day. They had us take G down for an XRay to check on a Phlibolith (blood clot) that showed up in his pointer finger a week before. He has had a couple of these before and from what we understand they don't hurt him and aren't an issue but take time to break down naturally.

He picked it and wants the next one to be black with Batman.
While we were at Children's Mercy we also took Greyson to visit Tracy in OT. She checked the fit of his new compression glove. We, along with Dr. Spaeth, decided that compression does seem to help his hand swelling a little and having a glove keeps me from having to wrap it with Co-Ban every night. It was kind of a pain since it had to be cut down to fit his fingers. We massage his fingers with vitamin E oil twice a day to help with the external scar and scar tissue. Tracy told us that scar tissue can take more than a year to break down.

He fell asleep waiting for docs.
I will add an update when we have some info from the MRI and ultrasound. We hope that they will guide us in making decisions for upcoming procedures. We will get opinions from doctors at both Children's Mercy in KC and Nationwide Children's Hospital in Columbus, OH.

Take care to all of you.
Brooke, Michael, and Greyson

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