Tuesday, August 27, 2013

First Days of PreSchool

It's official... Greyson has grown up beyond the point I was ready for. What an exciting week for him though. Here are a few highlights...

He was really excited...can't you tell?
Walking in with Daddy
Silly faces before going in.
Giving Mrs. Heather her hand soap gift (idea from Pinterest on my give page)
Second day silliness. That goofy smile cracks me up.
His name tag below his bag hook.
His cubby.
Tracing school tools and line drawings.
First official school note - bring an apple.
Introduced a calendar to help him understand what days are "Mommy/Daddy" days, "sitter" days, "school" days, and "special" days.
He also started a chore chart.
And we visited a possible college (kidding, went to U of A Campus to get haircuts)
He brought back apples as requested...she didn't expect these.
Art work with his friend- G's is the traced picture.
Introducing the first letter - A. Noticed he traced his name (sort of)
Learning the color RED

Greyson loved school and Mrs. Heather so much that he wants to go there everyday instead of to the sitter. That's a good thing; too bad not possible. And finally... Please don't think I will be making posts like this every week or taking pictures of everything he brings home, but I had to capture another 1st.



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