Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Project Complete: The Kitchen Redo is Finished

The kitchen/laundry room restyle is done as its getting for now! I decided not to call it a remodel from the beginning since what we were doing didn't really involve major construction.

It did take quite a bit longer than I originally thought (never ending painting), but we are blessed with tons of cabinets, and who can complain about that? We had lots of cabinets to sand, prime, and paint (2 coats). We found when we were hanging the doors back up that when you add that many new layers to a surface things don't always fit back the way you thought and some modifications were necessary. But did I's done! ;)

To recap, what we planned to tackle: replace counters, put in new sinks and faucets (and garbage disposal), paint cabinets, paint walls, and add new decor. In doing this we created such a mess that we also added many hours of cleaning up the messes that we made in the process.

The rest of the stuff left to do is about filling in the decorating gaps. I took down a big gallery wall display on one wall and want to put something new up but I am not sure what that something will be. I need a new rug or two, I have found an alternative to buying rugs buy am not completely convinced that the "homemade" version is going to hold up. See previous post.

All in all I am OVER THE TOP pleased with the outcome. It was time consuming painting cabinets but so worth it in the end (as long as they hold up) and the color I finally went with is perfect for us.
Finally, for those of you that love golden oak cabinets...please know that no cabinets were hurt in the process of this redo but were just given a nice cover to keep them warm. ;) I still say that's better (and cheaper) than tearing them out and starting from scratch.

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